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An AR15 Transformation - watch and learn how to go from a basic, plain AR15 to a well-equipped AR15 with 10 easy modifications...

The DPMS AR15 started out innocently enough -

The first modification to the AR15 was to remove the plastic handguard and install a new Quad Rail. The Quad Rail will allow the addition of multiple accessories.

Next, we added a great NcStar AR15 Scope with Accessory Rail built into the scope housing. As you will see, we will use that to add a Green Laser Sight.

The Green Laser sight with quick release easily mounted right on the scope (we could have just as easily mounted the Green Laser sight onto the quad rail, too).

We wanted to mount a Reflex style Red Dot sight to the quad rail. We decided to use a 45 degree offset mount for quick and easy transitioning from the scope to the reflex sight.

Next, the Reflex sight goes on the 45 Degree Offset mount.

We also wanted a tactical flashlight on the quad rail. To assist and make activating the flashlight effortless, we mounted it on an offset mount that puts the tailcap switch near the thumb when using the vertical grip (coming up soon!).

Here is the offset mount only on the quad rail.



Here is the flashlight mounted in the offset


We need a vertical grip now. As with the other accessories, mounting is extremely simple (one screw) onto the quad rail.

And for a final touch, we added a compact bipod. The bipod comes with 3 adapters (picatinny/accessory rail, sling stud, and barrel mount). We chose the barrel mount.

And here is a picture of the AR15 with everything mounted and finished.

From the other side (bipod was off for this picture).




The Multi-Use AR-15


     This AR-15 can handle many situations from close-range to long-range shooting, and everything in between. With a 2-7 Illuminated scope, Green Laser and a Green-Dot Reflex sight, you are prepared for several situations. Please see list below for more information on each accessory on this AR-15.

3-Rail Tactical Scope with Illuminated Crosshairs - With almost 17" of picatinny rail space on the scope housing, this scope makes it simple to add accessories such as a Reflex sight or Laser sight.

Compact Green-Dot Reflex Sight - The Green Dot makes it easier to see in daylight, and this Reflex sight is small and lightweight.

Green Laser - Comes complete with the mounting hardware and a pressure switch.

Aluminum Quad Rail - a must-have accessory to replace your factory plastic handguards.

Bipod - a very nice addition for shooting time on a bench.

Hogue Grip - you have to hold this in your hands to appreciate the difference it makes.

Stock Saddle - helps position your head correctly on the stock for improved accuracy and comfort.

Magwell Grip - an alternative to the vertical foregrip, this grip positions your hand closer to your body.

Vertical Foregrip - a very comfortable and shorter grip.

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