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VLTOR AR15 Stocks

VLTOR AR15 Stocks

Gun Gear USA has added VLTOR AR15 stocks to our store. VLTOR is one of the leading AR15 stocks available and we are delighted to offer them to our customers.

We currently have the following models -

VLTOR IMOD Improved Modstock (with cubfoot)

VLTOR IMOD Improved Modstock 


Also, if you are looking to replace your AR15 stock, be sure you see the Top 5 Factors When Choosing an AR15 Stock.

You can find all of our AR15 stock selections HERE.

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AR15 Stocks

AR15 Stock – time for a change?

An easy way to radically change your AR15 is to replace the stock. A more difficult choice is to pick one from the huge variety available today!

AR15 Stock - Magpul

You need to first step back and think about what you want…you will want to consider the following.

Top 5 factors when choosing an AR15 stock -

1. Design – simple and lightweight? Or something robust to be used to store items?

For simple and light weight design, please look at these two AR15 stocks: Magpul MOE stock      Magpul CTR stock

If you prefer a stock that provides a more robust platform and even gives you storage space for batteries, etc., you might consider one of the following AR15 stocks:

 Command Arms CBS     Mission First Battlelink Utility Stock     

 VLTOR EMod Enhanced ModStock

2. Buffer Tube Assembly – already have one or need one? A buffer tube assembly will allow you to convert from using a fixed style stock to a collapsible stock on your AR15. Most AR15 stocks will give you a choice of purchasing the stock with or without the tube assembly. For example, we have the CAA CBS (without buffer tube assembly) or the CAA CBST (with buffer tube assembly).  

3. Additional Accessories – do you anticipate adding accessories to your AR15 stock, such as a cheek riser, buttpad or sling mount? If so, you will need to choose an AR15 stock that gives you that option.

4. Mil-Spec or Commercial version? AR15 stocks come in two “sizes”, if you will, Mil-Spec and Commercial. The difference is the size of the buffer tube and the thread pattern. *Note – there are some AR15 stocks that will fit both, but it will be noted in the description.

5. Fixed Position or Collapsible style? While most prefer the collapsible AR15 stock, there are some that want the fixed position. Your choice will depend on the application. Most precision, long-range shooters like the fixed position style. Although there have been some major advancements made for using a multiple position stock for precision shooting – Command Arms Sniper Stock.

 Hope this helps when you decide to look at a new AR15 stock. Gun Gear USA proudly offers the top names in AR15 stocks – they can all be found HERE.

AR15 Stock - VLTOR


Command Arms Accessories

Mission First Tactical



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Fenix Flashlight – TK15

Fenix Flashlight – TK15 337 Lumens

We get even brighter this time. We looked at the Fenix PD32 last time and showed you a super compact light that produces a staggering 315 Lumens. Now ,we step it up…

The Fenix TK15 is slightly bigger than the PD32, but not much. But it is brighter, producing 337 Lumens. Another absolutely amazing light from Fenix. See it HERE.

It is a tough and durable flashlight that is fully waterproof and ready for any application you need it for. It has an innovative side dimmer that is simple and rapid. The Fenix TK15 will become your favorite light instantly.

The Fenix TK15 has 4 brightness levels – 5 Lumens, 47 Lumens, 143 Lumens and 337 Lumens. It is easily compatible with gun mounts and remote pressure switches.

It also has a Momentary-On tailcap switch and a Rapid Strobe switch (depress for one second).

It has a tactical grip ring, is anti-roll and slip-resistant, and comfortable to hold.

See the entire Fenix Flashlight Product line HERE.

About Fenix Flashlights –

Fenix Flashlights focus is on quality and innovation. They continually improve their products features and design, while aiming for six features:

1)    Advanced Technology

2)    Efficiency

3)    Practical Function

4)    High Reliability

5)    Innovation

6)    Continuing Improvement

To find out more about Fenix Flashlights, the different Fenix Flashlight series, the company’s focus, and more on the six features, visit the Fenix Flashlights Info page  HERE.

Fenix Flashlights – Illuminate your adventure

Fenix Flashlights – PD32

Fenix PD32 Flashlight 315 Lumens – High Intensity Light in a compact size

As I mentioned previously, we are very excited to add the Fenix Flashlight product line. They have outstanding flashlights and I am really, really impressed with their products.

I want to highlight a few over the next few days that I have had the opportunity to handle and test. The first is the Fenix PD32 – an amazing light in a very compact size. (You can see the entire Fenix Flashlight line HERE)

The Fenix PD32 is an extremely intense flashlight that produces a staggering 315 Lumens and a max runtime of 200 hours. It has 4 brightness levels, a strobe mode, and also a hidden SOS function. It is powered by two CR123A batteries or one high-capacity 18650 Li-ion battery.

It is waterproof to IPX-8 standards – proof this is one tough flashlight suitable for the most demanding needs.


  • Side switch for selecting the 4 brightness levels
  • Strobe by one press of side switch, momentary-on function from tailcap switch
  • Automatically memorizes the last brightness level when switched off
  • SOS Function – depress the side switch and hold it for 3 seconds to enter SOS mode         

See the Fenix PD32 HERE

About Fenix Flashlights –

Fenix Flashlights focus is on quality and innovation. They continually improve their products features and design, while aiming for six features:

1)    Advanced Technology

2)    Efficiency

3)    Practical Function

4)    High Reliability

5)    Innovation

6)    Continuing Improvement

To find out more about Fenix Flashlights, the different Fenix Flashlight series, the company’s focus, and more on the six features, visit the Fenix Flashlights Info page HERE.

Fenix Flashlights – Illuminate your adventure 

Fenix Flashlights

Gun Gear USA welcomes Fenix Flashlight -

We are very excited to add the Fenix Flashlight product line to our line-up. I actually saw Fenix flashlights in a retail store and was so impressed I contacted them that night. To my surprise, one of the managers at Fenix got right back in touch with me and in a matter of days, we had product sitting in the store and ready to go.

A couple of things immediately caught my attention with the Fenix Flashlight products -

1.      QualityFenix offers a tough, high-quality flashlight that they stand behind with incredible customer service.

2.       Value – I could not find another flashlight that offered the quality, brightness and additional features available in a Fenix flashlight for the same price.

3.      InnovationFenix is continually introducing flashlights with more features and advanced design that anyone else.

4.       VarietyFenix has a variety of flashlights suited for many, many applications.

So, with that I introduce to you Fenix Flashlights

We also have a Fenix Flashlight Information page HERE.

 I will be introducing the 4 Fenix lights we added over the next few days. Don’t worry…we are just getting started and will add more soon!

Command Arms Accessories (contd.)

Command Arms AccessoriesFolding Vertical Grips

We previously looked at two fixed vertical grips from Command Arms – the EVG and MVG. Today, let’s look at a couple of folding vertical grips.

As a reminder, you can find ALL of the great products from Command Arms Accessories here –

Command Arms Accessories offers the FVG3 and FVG5 for folding vertical grips. Both easily fit on a Picatinny/Weaver accessory rail. The difference between the two is the FVG3 has 3 positions and the FVG5 has 5 positions. Complete details and specifications on both are below.

Command Arms FVG3 Folding Vertical Grip

FVG3 3 positions Folding Forearm Grip fits Picatinny Rail. Ergonomically contoured for a firm and comfortable grip.

•Side push button, allows operator to switch between 3 different grip positions.

•Tucks securely out of the way when not in use.

•Locks in to 3 Positions 0º , 90º & 180º.

•Screw tightens securely to rail.

•Lifetime warranty. 100% customer satisfaction

Eligibility: For Picatinny Rail

Materials: Made of Polymer


Weight (lbs): .26 lbs

Height (in): 4.7?

Width (in): 1.7?

Command Arms FVG5 Folding Vertical Grip

5 position Forearm Grip. Made of Polymer. Mold polymer five positions folding grip.

•Side push button, allows operator to switch between different grip positions.

•Screw tightening.

•No gunsmith required • Mill-standard • Warranty: Lifetime

Eligibility: For Picatinny


Weight(gr): 120

Height(cm): 12

Width(cm): 4.2

Positions: Total of 5

Next time we will look at Command Arms Pistol grips.

Conceal Carry Holsters and Accessories

Conceal Carry Holster and Accessories

I wanted to let you know about a resource we have added to our site that has lots of information, including fit charts, products and accessories specifically for some of the most popular Conceal Carry pistols. You can find it here – Carry Holster chart.html

The first few sections of the page are dedicated to showing the most popular brands and models of Conceal Carry Pistols and several models of holsters that will accommodate them. The holsters listed include two different kinds of Inside the Pants holsters – the Desantis Sof Tuck and the Blackhawk Inside the Pants holster, a Pocket holster – the Desantis Super Fly, an Ankle holster from Fobus and a paddle holster, also from Fobus.

Below that is products for Concealed Carry pistolsLaser Sights, Flashlights, Laser/Flashlight combinations, Night Sights, Handheld Flashlights and Hogue grips.

Again, the Conceal Carry Resource page can be located HERE.

Please bear with us as we add information, as well as more products for this section and our store.

Is there anything you would like to see added to this page?

Thanks for reading!

Gun Mats – New Models

Gun Cleaning Mats – Brand New Models now available!

There are now new models of the popular Gun Cleaning Mats. All of the Gun Cleaning Mats can be found here –

Here are the new models (you can click on the mat name to be taken directly to the product page with more information) now available on

AR 15 Gun Cleaning Mat - Rifle Mat, 36", in orange


Gadsden Flag - “Don’t Tread on Me”, 18"

Ruger Mini 14 - 36"

Ruger Mark II - 18"

Thanks for reading.

Command Arms Accessories (contd.)

Command Arms Accessories – Vertical Grips

We have spent the last several days on the stock end of the rifle with AR 15 stocks from Command Arms. We looked at the SRSCBS and CBST. We also looked at some great add-on accessories for the CAA Stocks – SST1, SST2, and ACP. Great stuff, right? Let’s move to the other end of the rifle and check out some vertical grips from Command Arms Accessories.

Today, we are going to look at two Command Arms Accessories Vertical Grips – the MVG and EVG.

The Command Arms SVG Vertical Grip is a compact vertical grip designed to fit on a Picatinny/Weaver Accessory rail. It has an internal compartment perfect for storage, including batteries. It also as a rubber coating on the front and back for a better grip. At only 3.3?, it is a great choice when you want a shorter vertical grip. More details and measurements are below:

•Incorporates a no-tool screw cap for storage compartment.

•Rubberized front & back for better control.

•Non slip grip surface.

•No tools required, captive thumb nut.

•Dual removable pressure switch mounts.

•Lifetime warranty. 100% customer satisfaction.

Eligibility: For Picatinny Rails

Materials: Made of Polymer


Weight(lbs): .22 lbs

Height(in): 3.3?

Width(in): 1.49?

The Command Arms EVG Vertical Grip is designed for the ultimate in comfort in a vertical grip. It is slightly longer than the SVG, but still compact enough to stay out of the way. The EVG fits right on a Picatinny/Weaver Accessory rail.

•Mounts to any Picatinny rail.

•Provides a natural fighting stance.

•Rubberized back for comfortable grip surface.

•Checkering on finger grooves side for added control.

•No tools required for installation. Captive thumb nut cannot be lost. 

•Incorporates a storage compartment.

•Storage compartment holds batteries or other items like firing pins, etc.

•No tools required, captive thumb nut.

•Lifetime warranty. 100% customer satisfaction.

Eligibility: For Picatinny Rails

Materials: Made of Polymer


Weight(lbs): .24 lbs

Height(in.): 4.3?

Width(in.): 1.65?

To see all of the great products from Command Arms Accessories, click HERE.

We will look at folding vertical grips from CAA next time.

Thanks for reading.

Command Arms Accessories (contd.)

Command Arms Accessories AR 15 Stock Add-Ons

We have one more product from Command Arms for their AR 15 stocks! We looked at the popular Command Arms CBS stock, as well as the unbelievable ARS Sniper stock. We recently looked at the Stock Saddles for the CBS (as well as most collapsible AR 15 stocks), the SST1 and SST2. Next up is another stock saddle/cheek piece that offers even more control for the shooter.

The Command Arms ACP (Adjustable Cheek Piece) from Command Arms is designed to fit on the picatinny accessory rail that is on the CBS stock. The ACP is fully adjustable and allows the shooter to dial in the correct position for height, as well as proper eye relief for scopes by moving horizontal. The Command Arms ACP is a must for the shooter with demanding needs.

Command Arms ACP features:

  • Fully adjustable cheek rest.
  • Designed to mount on the #CBS butt stock’s Picatinny rail.
  • Adjustable for height with thumb knob (2.4cm range).
  • By moving horizontally along the Picatinny rail, allows proper eye relief of scoped rifles.
  • All can be easily fit to both left/right handed users.
  • Compatible with all #CBS style buttstocks & #PRFCS.
  • No Gunsmith required • Mill-standard • Warranty: 10 years


  • Weight(oz): 3.6
  • Height(cm): 9.1
  • Length(cm): 11.6

You can find the ACP here.

Next up we will find ways to get a grip on our AR 15.

Command Arms Accessories (contd.)

Command Arms Accessories AR 15 Stock Add-Ons

We have now looked at the great AR 15 stocks Command Arms offers, including the CBS (CBST) and ARS. Now, let’s look at some really cool add-ons they have for their stocks.

First, for the CBS are the SST1 and SST2 stock risers/cheek piece. Both the SST1 and SST2 are designed to fit right on the CBS AR 15 stock from Command Arms. (They will also fit most collapsible stocks for the AR 15)

The Command Arms Stock Saddle provides a proper cheek weld for AR15 and similar stocks. It positions the shooters cheek in proper alignment needed for accurate shooting. It also provides an incredibly higher degree of comfort for the shooter, too.

It is extremely lightweight and fits easily on the stock.

Here are the features of the Command Arms SST1 (Please note the SST2 is virtually the same, with the exception of a rubberized coating):

  • A proper cheek weld  allows for quicker target acquisition and sight picture.
  • Securely attaches to most collapsible stocks with supplied hardware.
  • Made from lightweight fiberglass reinforced polymer for strength & functionality.
  • Waterproof, sealed battery compartments hold four AA, 3 CR123 batteries or .223 cleaning kit.
  • Rubberized model adds a coating for increased comfort and control. 

Standard Collapsible AR-15 Stocks

Made of Polymer

Weight(lbs): .20 lbs
Height(in): 3?
length(in): 5.75?
Width(in): 3.5? 

You can get yours here – SST1          SST2

Next up… how about an adjustable cheek piece?

Command Arms Accessories (contd.)

Command Arms Accessories AR 15 Stocks

We are continuing to look at the great options Command Arms Accessories offers for the AR 15, as well as other guns. Right now, we are still looking at the stocks Command Arms has. We just finished up with the CBS (and CBST), you can review it here in case you missed it.

Now, let’s look at the Command Arms Sniper Stock – ARS. This AR 15 Sniper stock is a masterpiece. It was designed specifically for the precision shooter that must have the ability to adjust the critical components needed for accurate, long-range shooting.

Command Arms has definitely provided the platform shooters need with this stock. Check out these features:

  • Multi Position Sniper Stock. Aluminum + Polymer
  • Ideally suited to meet the demands of the precision marksman community. Proven to provide rapid target acquisition, faster & more accurate follow-up shots, & quicker target-to-target attainment
  • Completely adjustable, featuring a rear-folding leg that converts a rifle with a bipod into a stable shooting platform.
  • 10 positions push button adjustable length of pull of stock.
  • New push button controlled fully adjustable cheek rest for height & eye relief with optics.
  • Vertically adjustable rubber butt pad.
  • Quick release push button leg extension with fine height adjustment button & micro adjustment ring.
  • Available without the pod-leg (#ARSNL).
  • Push Button leg locks in 3 positions: 0°, 45°, 90°.
  • 2 quick release sling mount points.
  • No gunsmith required • Mill-standard • Warranty: 10 years

You can find it in the Gun Gear USA webstore here – CAAARS.

Next up, we will look at some awesome add-ons for the Command Arms Accessories stocks. Don’t miss it!

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Command Arms Accessories (contd.)

Command Arms Accessories AR 15 Stocks

We have been discussing Command Arms Accessories and some of their great products for AR 15's in the last few articles. In the most recent article, we showed the Flashlight Grip Adaptor (FGA). The FGA is a great option for anyone wanting to combine a vertical foregrip with a flashlight holder. If you missed it, you can check it out here –

Over the next several articles, we are going to look at stocks from Command Arms Accessories. In particular, AR 15 stocks.

First up is the popular CBS (or CBST, if you need the buffer tube).

The CBS Collapsible Buttstock fits AR15/M16 commercial collapsible stock buffer tubes. It is an innovative, feature packed collapsible stock.  The CBS will increase your comfort and control, as well as provide storage and mounting options. Plus, Command Arms offers several accessories for the CBS that you will want on your AR 15. We will look at those in-depth later.

CBS Features:

  • Ambidextrous side compartment with snap tight latch provides
    warterproof storage for 4 CR123 batteries. 
  • Side Picatinny Rail allows addition of adjustable
    cheek piece (ACP) or a mag holder (MPS)
  • Non-slip rubber buttpad witgh tapered angle allows for faster Shouldering,
    increased comfort with body armor & more secure positive shoulder purchase.
  • 2 ultrasonically welded metal quick release sling mount points in addition to standard sling mounts.
  • Ergonomic stock latch. 
  • No gunsmithing.
  • Lifetime warranty. 100% customer satisfaction.

You can find the CBC from Command Arms Accessories here – CAACBS.

Next up is the Command Arms ARS and SRS Sniper stocks.

Thanks for reading.

Command Arms Accessories (contd.)

As discussed in the last article, we are proud to expand our offering of Command Arms Accessories products (you can see the complete Command Arms Accessories product line here – CAA products). I will be showcasing a few of their most popular and newest products here over the next few articles.

First on the list is the FGA – Flashlight Grip Adaptor. The FGA is a great choice for those wanting to combine a vertical foregrip with a flashlight.

It will easily fit on a picatinny accessory rail and will accept any 1? flashlight.

You can get yours here – Command Arms Accessories FGA.

Here are the details on the FGA:

  • Thumb activated on/off push button incorporates an intermittent & constant on position.
  • Side safety switch – prevents inadvertent activation of the light during covert activities.
  • Storage compartment with a screw cap base for small cleaning kit or extra batteries.
  • Small Picatinny rail is included; attaches to either side or bottom of mount for the addition of a laser.
  • Slot for pressure switch & cable.
  • Rubber pressure switch covers – allow for customized pressure switch mounting & sizing.
  • Quickly attaches to rail with captive thumbnuts.
  • No gunsmith required
  • Lifetime warranty. 100% customer satisfaction

Eligibility For: Picatinny Rail

Material Made Of: Polymer


Weight (lbs): .56 lbs

Height (in): 5.6?

Width (in): 2?

length (in): 5.5?

We will review some of the great AR 15 stocks Command Arms Accessories has next time.

Thanks for reading.

Command Arms Accessories

We have offered the Command Arms Accessories product line for quite some time. They make high quality products and continue to bring innovation to their product offering. Gun Gear USA has expanded our selection of Command Arms Accessories and we have more to go. 

 Be sure and check out the full product selection of Command Arms Accessories here – CAA Products.
We also have a dedicated webpage for Command Arms Accessories that we will use to showcase new products, product videos and more here - 
CAA Info page 

I will highlight a few of their great products here over the next couple of posts.

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Thanks for reading.

Laser Genetics ND3

Gun Gear USA is proud to have the Laser Genetics ND3 available for our customers.

You can find it in our store by clicking here.

Laser Genetics ND-3 Green Laser Scope

The compact ND-3 Laser Designator – The Ultimate Alternative to Night Vision, by Laser Genetics.

The ND-3 Laser Designator from Laser Genetics uses patented technology to create true night vision and turns your scoped rifle into a night hunter. Combining a powerful, green laser diode and a precision optical collimator, the ND-3 pairs with your scope and allows you to cast a bright beam of green laser light to fully illuminate targets up to 250 yards. Rotating the collimator ring to minimum creates a bright micro beam of green laser light visible up to 3 miles and rotating the same collimator to a wider setting it can be used as a light source in close quarters or following a trail in conditions with low natural light.

Brilliant source of illumination for Law Enforcement or various Military applications. Great for coyote and hog hunting as well!

Laser Genetics ND3 Laser Designator mounts on 1? scope tube.
- Windage and Elevation adjustments
- 28MMX6X Optical Zoom
- Water resistant
- Powered by one 3 volt lithium battery
- Limited One Year Warranty

Included in the Laser Genetics ND3 kit:

  1. A Weaver Style Ring
  2. Binocular and Spotting Scope Mount
  3. 1” Scope Mount adjustable for windage & elevation
  4. Pressure Switch
  5. Cleaning Kit
  6. Qty 1 CR123A battery
  7. Padded Case

See it by clicking here.


Need a way to attach a sling to the fore-end of your AR 15? Check out the Magpul RSA, Rail Sling Attachment.

The Magpul RSA provides a forward sling attachment point for the Magpul MS2 or MS3 and other clip-in systems. All you need is a small amount of Picatinny rail space for the RSA to mount on.

Get it here –

Come back for more Magpul products next time.

Magpul (contd.)


As we discussed last time, Magpul is well known for innovative products designed for tactical applications, such as the AR 15. The AFG, Angled Fore Grip, is a great example.

At first glance, the Magpul AFG is not something that comes across as particularly useful. It is only when you hold a rifle with the AFG mounted that you understand.

The AFG was designed to accomodate natural body mechanics and offers a VERY comfortable platform. It also perfectly lines up your hand for a pressure switch or other Laser/Light tactical product.

All mounting hardware is included and the AFG easily mounts on a Picatinny Accessory rail.

Get yours here –

Even more Magupul next time!

Magpul Tactical Products (contd.)


Although Magpul has many, many fine products designed for the AR 15 and other tactical rifles, the PMAG is likely the most ‘famous’ Magpul product.

The PMAG was introduced during a time that we all considered steel the premier material and plastic as inferior. The PMAG changed that.

Considered by many as virtually indestructible, the PMAG is constructed of an advanced polymer and can take incredible abuse. It is extremely lightweight and corrosion resistant for a LONG life. Maybe most surprising of all, it is no more expensive than other AR 15 mags.

Get yours here…

Next time we will look at the Magpul AFG (Angled Fore Grip).

Thanks for reading.

Magpul Tactical Products


Gun Gear USA is very proud to offer products from the finest and most innovative manufacturers in the industry. Magpul is one of the first names that come to mind when we discuss AR 15 accessories. Magpul produces high quality products and are constantly innovating.

Over the next week, we are going to look at some of the fine Magpul products available today. From the AR 15 magazine that defined everything an AR 15 mag should be, to AR 15 furniture that is ‘good enough’ for our US Military, Magpul has what you need for an awesome AR 15.

 So, get pen and paper for your AR 15 wish-list…I guarantee that you will find something you NEED here over the next week.

First up is the incredible Magpul PMag.

Thanks for reading.

Gun Gear USA videos


Gun Gear USA has added a Video Channel on YouTube. We have added several videos that include details on several AR 15 accessories. You can view them on the YouTube channel or right on

Currently the video’s we have are on the innovative NcStar Tri Rail scope, NcStar APRLSMG compact Green Laser, and the NcStar DGAB compact Reflex sight. We discuss some details about the product as well as install it on an AR 15.

There are also a couple of videos of us playing with an AR 15 with a bump stock. Nothing like full auto!

Look for more videos very soon.

Thanks for reading.


Nikon M-223 Scope (contd.)

Nikon M-223 Mount

We have been covering the Nikon M-223 series of scopes and I also wanted to show you another product, the M-223 AR 15 Mount.

The Nikon M-223 AR Mount (part #743) is for the M-223 series of scopes and will fit right on a Picatinny or Weaver style base. It is made of lightweight alloy and has a built-in 20 MOA incline for elevation. It has 3 bolts to secure it to the base.

The rings are built into the base and only the top part of the rings come off to allow the scope to be set in the mount.

The Nikon M-223 AR 15 mount is a nice addition for your M-223 scope.

You can find it here -

That is it for the Nikon M-223 scope series. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at these fine rifle scopes and please let me know if you have any questions.

 Thanks for reading.


Nikon M-223 Scope (contd.)

Nikon M-223 Scope (contd.)

We have covered every scope in the Nikon M-223 series with one exception – the 2.5-10×40 with Laser IRT…that is Immediate Ranging Technology. Wait until you see this.

The Nikon IRT basically has a rangefinder built into the scope! With a touch of the button, the user can get the distance the target is right in the reticle. Then choose the correct circle on the BDC 600 reticle. Oh, did I forget to mention the scope has BDC 600? Yes, not only does this provide the distance to the target, it also has the ballistic circles to use for that specific distance. All without ever taking your eye off the target.

The Nikon One-Touch Laser technology continuously ranged and displays the distance for 12 seconds with a single push of the button.

Other features include the Side Focus Parallex Adjustment.

If you are looking for the ultimate rifle scope for your AR 15, this is the scope to have. It is not cheap, but has so many features to offer and replaces a separate rangefinder.

We have one more item to cover in the Nikon M-223 series and that is a mount designed just for the M-223 scopes. See you next time.

Nikon M-223 Scope (contd.)

Nikon M-223 Scope (contd.)

This is the last scope in the M-223 series before we look at the truly innovative Nikon Laser IRT.

We jumped up in size last time, with a larger objective lens (42mm) and more power (3-12), with a scope that featured the traditional Nikon Nikoplex reticle. Today we are going to stick with the same features and size, but this model has the BDC 600 reticle, Nikon Model 8489.

As I mentioned before, the BDC 600 has some truly great features to offer the long-range shooter. It is specifically designed for the .223 (5.56mm NATO) with a 55-grain bullet (with polymer tip), and aids the shooter greatly in long distance shooting.

The BDC 600 reticle has open circle aiming points below the center crosshairs used for specific distances all the way out to 600 yards. This unique reticle gives the shooter a tremendous advantage in speed when dialing in those long shots.

It also the SF feature…the SF stands for Side Focus Parallex Adjustment. This feature allows you to adjust for Parallex quickly and easily. Parallex adjustment is handy when shooting at extremely long distances.

Here is a link to the product page for the M-223 3-12x42SF /BDC 600 -

One more to go! Please come back and see the last M-223 scope with an incredible feature.

Thanks for reading.

Nikon M-223 Scope (contd.)

Nikon M-223 Scopes

The next two scopes in the M-223 series get bigger, as in a larger objective lens and more power.

First up is the 3-12x42SF with the Nikoplex reticle. This scope, model #8488, provides the shooter a noticeable difference in long-range shots with a 42mm objective lens and power up to 12X.

Nikon M-223 Model 8488

As we have mentioned before, the Nikon Nikoplex reticle has thick crosshairs on the outer edge and fine, thin crosshairs in the center. This particular model also has the Rapid Action Turrets. The Rapid Action Turret allows the shooter to use the feature to dial in your elevation from 100 yards to 600 yards in less than one revolution.

It also the SF feature…the SF stands for Side Focus Parallex Adjustment. This feature allows you to adjust for Parallex quickly and easily. Parallex adjustment is handy when shooting at extremely long distances. 

A lot of technology in one scope, that sums up the Nikon M-223 #8488. You can find more information for this model here -

 Two more to go! We have two more scopes in the M-223 series to look at. Next time, we will look at the second most popular scope at Gun Gear USA.

Thanks for reading.

Nikon M-223 Scope (contd.)

Nikon M-223 Scopes

Today we will look at an extremely popular scope in the M-223 series, the 2-8×32 with a BDC 600 reticle, In fact, this is our most popular scope here at Gun Gear USA.

Nikon M-223 Scope Model 8487

This scope is basically identical to the scope we reviewed yesterday (the M-223 2-8×32 with Nikoplex) with one exception, the BDC 600 reticle. Specifically designed for the .223 (5.56mm NATO) with a 55-grain bullet (with polymer tip), the BDC 600 aids the shooter greatly in long distance shooting.

The BDC 600 reticle has open circle aiming points below the center crosshairs used for specific distances all the way out to 600 yards. This unique reticle gives the shooter a tremendous advantage in speed when dialing in those long shots.

This scope, model #8487, can be found here.

More to come!

Nikon M-223 Scope (contd.)

Nikon M-223 Scopes

Next up in the Nikon M-223 lineup is the 2-8×32 scope. With adjustable power from 2-8 and a 32mm objective lens, this model makes a really nice addition to any AR 15. If you are looking for a flexible option for varying applications, you should review this model.

Nikon M-223 Scope Model 8486

The model #8486 has the Nikoplex reticle, thick crosshairs on the outer edge and fine, thin crosshairs in the center. This particular model also has the Nikon Rapid Action Turret technology. The Rapid Action Turret allows the shooter to use the feature to dial in your elevation from 100 yards to 600 yards in less than one revolution.

More information can be found here –

Next time we will look at this same scope, but with the BDC 600 feature.

Thanks for reading.

Nikon M-223 Scope (contd.)

We introduced the very popular Nikon M-223 series of scopes last time and provided an overview of the line-up. We also provided some basic information on the many abbreviations they use for the M-223 scopes. Be sure and take a look if you need any information on those.

In the coming days we are going to look in more detail at each scope in the M-223 series. Today we are going to check out the Nikon M-223 1-4×20 Point Blank scope, model #8485.

Nikon M-223 Scope

This model is specifically designed for close-range shooting, mainly out to 200 yards. The exclusive Point Blank Reticle offers a super wide field of view and quick acquisition for fast and accurate shots. Nikon also suggests this particular model as being ideal for 3-Gun matches.

For more details and specifications for the M-223 #8485, please follow the link below to our product listing.

Thanks for reading.

Nikon M-223 Scope

Nikon M-223 Scope

It is no secret that the AR 15 rifle has become extremely popular. It is also no secret that several scope manufacturers have developed products specifically for the AR 15, scopes that are tailored to the .223 bullet trajectory. While there are many, we are going to look in more detail at the Nikon M-223 series of scopes.

Nikon M 223 Scope

Nikon is a name synonymous with quality rifle scopes (Nikon offers a Full Lifetime Warranty on the M-223 Scopes). They have been producing fine scopes for many years. Recently, Nikon introduced the M-223 scope for the AR 15. There are six scopes in the series and all are engineered for one bullet – the .223 (5.56mm NATO) with a 55 grain bullet (polymer tip) sizzling at 3240 fps.

The six scopes in the M-223 series include the following; 2.5-10×40 Laser IRT, 1-4×20 w/Point Blank reticle, 2-8×32 w/Nikoplex reticle, 2-8×32 w/BDC 600 reticle, 3-12x42SF w/Nikoplex, & the 3-12x42SF w/BDC 600 reticle. Before we review each scope in detail, I would like to provide some definitions for Nikon’s abbreviations.

BDC Reticle – the BDC, or Bullet Drop Compensator, reticle is designed for long range shooting. The reticle has additional aim points, in the case for the Nikon M-223 it is circles, along the lower vertical crosshair. The circles are used for specific aiming points on the BDC 600 from 100 to 600 yards.

Nikon BDC 600 Reticle

Nikoplex Reticle – this is the traditional crosshairs, with a bolder and thicker crosshair on the outer edges and a fine, thin crosshair in the center.

Nikon M 223 Nikoplex reticle

SF – The SF stands for Side Focus Parallex Adjustment. This feature allows you to adjust for Parallex quickly and easily. Parallex adjustment is handy when shooting at extremely long distances.

Nikon SF Side Focus on M 223 Rifle Scope

Point Blank Reticle – this reticle uses the traditional crosshairs with a small dot in the center of the crosshair. Mainly used for close-range shooting.

Nikon M 223 Point Blank Reticle IRT – Immediate Ranging Technology.

Nikon M 223 Immediate Ranging Technology

As I mentioned, we are going to look at each model in greater detail in the coming days. First up is the Nikon M-223 1-4×20 with Point Blank Reticle, Nikon Model #8485.

See you tomorrow!

Gun Show time

Gun Gear USA – Next Event

Gun Gear USA will be at the Jacksonville Gun Show in September. Just so you are aware, the Jacksonville Gun Show has quickly become the largest and most popular gun show in Arkansas. There are an estimated 800 tables at this show (there were around 300 at the gun show at the state fairgrounds)!

With Fall and cooler temperatures just around the corner, this gun show is sure to be awesome. Make plans now to attend this one September 17 & 18 at the old Wal-Mart in Jacksonville.

Gun Gear USA will be displaying Gun Mats, AR 15 and other Tactical accessories, and several AR 15’s with multiple accessories.

Come see us, we LOVE to meet people and talk guns!

Thanks for reading.


Concealed Carry Holsters – Summary


I hope you enjoyed this series on Conceal Carry holsters. We used a limited, but popular, set of pistols for this series and will certainly continue to expand it as more concealed carry pistols are introduced. As always, if you need any help in selecting a holster for your pistol, give us a call or send an email…we are glad to help.

We are expanding our holster brands, so be sure to check back often for new additions. Holsters are very personal and you need to look at several to find the one you like, especially if you are carrying for long periods of time.

We are also partnering with Conceal Carry instructors in our area to stay up to date with the preferred models people are carrying and feedback on the holsters. We welcome yours, too.

Thanks again and look for a new series soon! I got a feeling an AR 15 will be the next focus…what do you think?

Conceal Carry Holsters (contd.)

Fobus Paddle Holster

The Fobus Paddle Holster also is an option for concealed carry. Some additional measures, such as wearing an untucked shirt or a coat, are necessary though.

The Fobus Paddle Holster is designed to be low profile to aid in concealment. The unique design utilizes retention around the trigger guard, which offers quick draw but also securely retains the weapon. Another great feature of the Fobus holster is its lightweight design.

Since the holster fits the gun like a glove, there are numerous models to accommodate many pistols. Check the list below to find our list of conceal carry pistols for this series and the appropriate holster for each model.

Ruger LCP – KT2G

Ruger LC9 – KTP11

Ruger SR9C – HK1

Smith & Wesson M&P Compact – SWMP

Glock 27 – GL26

Thanks for reading.

Conceal Carry Holsters (contd.)

Conceal Carry Holsters (contd.)

Ankle Holsters

So far in the Concealed Carry Holster series we have reviewed Pocket Holsters and Inside the Pants/Inside the Waistband holsters. Today we will look at yet another option, the Ankle holster. Although not always an option during summer (especially this summer!), an ankle holster when worn with pants offers a really nice carry place.

The Fobus Ankle holster offers the following features -

-          Extremely lightweight

-          Adjustment screw for tension

-          Channel to protect sight

-          One piece body construction

-          Adjustable Velcro strap for closure

-          ¾” thick suede lined Cordura pad

Below is the correct Fobus Ankle Holster for each pistol -

Ruger LCP – KTGA

Smith & Wesson M&P Compact – SWMPA

Glock 27 – GL26A

Thanks for reading.

Conceal Carry Holsters (contd.)

Conceal Carry Holsters (contd.)

Yesterday we continued looking at holster options for concealed carry pistols  by examining Inside the Pants/Inside the Waistband models. The Blackhawk Inside-the-Pants was in the spotlight and today it will be the Desantis Sof-Tuck.

We previously discussed the innovative Desantis Nemesis and Super Fly Pocket holsters, but do not forget about their awesome Inside the Pants/Inside the Waistband holster called the Sof-Tuck.

The Sof-Tuck has really soft, no slip suede and is super comfortable. The suede is reinforced with premium saddle-type leather that helps when re-holstering. It also has another innovative feature – the holster has an adjustable cant. This will help considerably when adjusting the holster for comfort. The Sof-Tuck can be worn in a variety of positions, including strong side, cross draw or small of the back.

You can find the correct Desantis Sof-Tuck for your pistol below -

Ruger LCP106NAR7Z0

Ruger SR9C106NAI4Z0

Glock 27106NAE1Z0

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 - 106NAU7Z0

Thanks for reading.

Conceal Carry Holsters (contd)

Conceal Carry Holsters (contd.)

In addition to the Pocket holster, another option is the Inside the Pants/Inside the Waistband holster. We will look at this holster from Blackhawk and Desantis.

As we mentioned in the last post, pistol sizes have shrunk and become small enough we can talk about carrying them in our front pockets and inside our waistband. Some of the Slim pistols introduced recently are even better for this option.

Both the Desantis Sof-Tuck and Blackhawk Inside-the-Pants are fantastic options.

The Blackhawk Inside-the-Pants holster offers an ultra thin, three layer nylon laminate that is very comfortable next to skin. It also has a very smooth lining for quick draw. It has a hook and loop retention strap and the belt clip slips over the top  of belt or pants to retain holster.

Here is a list of the sizes available and the guns they fit.


00:    2?-3? Barrel Small/Medium Double Action Revolvers (except 2? 5-shot)
01:    3?-4? Barrel Medium autos (Ruger LCP)
02:    4? Barrel Medium and Intermediate Double Action Revolvers
03:    4 1/2? – 5? Barrel Large Autos
04:    Small Autos (.22 – .25 cal)  Ruger LC9

05:     Smith & Wesson M&P Compact, Glock 27
06:    3 3/4? – 4 1/2? Barrel Large Autos (Ruger SR9C)
07:    3 1/4?  – 3 3/4? Barrel Medium & Large Autos
08:    2? Barrel Small Frame 5-shot Revolvers w/Hammer Spur (Bodyguard .380)

 Come back tomorrow for a look at the Desantis Sof-Tuck.

Thanks for reading.

Conceal Carry Holsters (contd)

Conceal Carry Holsters (contd.)

First up in the series of conceal carry holsters for pistols is a Pocket Holster. It is hard to believe that there is even such a thing as a pocket holster for some of us that are used to carring a large revolver on our side for deer hunting, etc. Pistols have become incredibly small in the last few years. Small enough to carry in our front pocket? For a few models, yes.

The Ruger LCP, for one, redefined how small a pistol can really be. It is a tiny, tiny gun that helped fuel a relatively new craze in the shooting sports industry – conceal carry. After its introduction, gun manufacturers scrambled to have something similar. Then just recently, Ruger once again surprised the industry with another revolutionary pistol, a tiny pistol in a very respectable caliber, the LC9. (not that the .380 is not a respectable caliber, just phenomenal to have a 9mm in something so small)

Desantis Holsters followed suite with a great option for such a small pistol, the Pocket holster. The Desantis Nemesis Pocket holster offered a realy cool way to conceal and carry the small pistols around.

The Desantis Nemesis has a “sticky” outside to keep it from moving around in your pocket, a smooth inside for quick draw and breaks up the outline of the gun. The Nemesis became the holster to have for pocket carry. Until Desantis outdid themselves…

After the Nemesis became a big hit, Desantis went back to the drawing boards and made it even better. They introduced the Super Fly. The Desantis Super Fly offers an even stickier outside and a removeable, reversible outer flap to eve further disguise the pistol.

Interested in a Destantis Nemesis or Super Fly for your gun? See the corresponding model for your pistol below -

Ruger LCP – M44BJG3Z0

Smith & Wesson M&P Compact – M44BJE1Z0

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 – M44BJU7Z0

Glock 27 – M44BJE1Z0

Next we will look at the Inside the Pants/Inside the Waistband holsters.

Thanks for reading.

Conceal Carry Holsters

This week we are going to take a look at some of the most popular pistols for concealed carry and a choice of holsters for those pistols. We will look at Ankle holsters, two different Inside the Pants/Inside the Waistband holsters, Pocket holsters and the traditional Paddle holster.

Let’s take a look at a list of the pistols chosen for this series. While I understand there are numerous other pistols that are great for conceal carry, I chose these for this initial review. We can certainly add to this later and expand it to include more models. With the numerous introductions of small, concealable pistols, we will definitely need to include more as time goes on. Please keep in mind, too, that although we discuss a holster and one gun, that holster likely also fits several other guns. Feel free to contact us for help in selecting the appropriate holster for a certain pistol, we are glad to help.

These are the pistols that we will include in this series and offer a recommended fit for the holsters chosen.

Ruger LCP

Ruger LC9

Ruger SR9C

Smith & Wesson M&P Compact

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380

Glock 27

Tomorrow, we will start with a look at the Pocket holster.

Thanks for your reading.

Butler Creek AR15 Loader

Buy one now. Seriously, buy one of these right now if you do not have one and I will refund your money if you are not totally satisfied. This is one of the best products ever developed and you will absolutely love it, I promise. The AR15 Loader uses a rotating lever to depress the bullet into the magazine allowing you to place a round EFFORTLESSLY into the open space. Push the lever, insert another one, etc until it is full. Very simple and very effective.

Otis Cleaning System

Otis offers the Tactical Cleaning System to provide everything you need to clean a variety of guns. With this kit, you can clean rifles from .17 to .50, handguns .17 to .50, shotguns from .420 to 12 Gauge and all inline muzzleloaders. Included in this kit is the following:

 - 3 Memory-Flex cleaning rods

 - 3 slotted brass tips

 - 2 obstruction removers

 - T-Handle

 - Tube of Bore Cleaner, Lubricant and Preservative

 - All Caliber Cleaning patches

 - Small Caliber Cleaning patches

 - Shotgun brush adapter

 - 6 Bore brushes

At $45.95, this Tactical Cleaning Kit from Otis deserves a place in your range bag.

 Ruger SR1911

Ruger has finally added a 1911 to their line-up. After years of producing many fine handguns, including one that has redefined what a concealed handgun can be (the LCP .380), Ruger finally developed one on the 1911 platform. At a list price of $799, what can you expect t get? I must admit I do not own one (yet!) so I am only relaying what I hear from others that either do own one or have shot it. And the reviews I hear sound like Ruger has produced a really fine 1911. Evidently they have packed a lot of features into the pistol, so you are getting a lot for a fair price. Some of the features are; - Lightweight Skeletonized trigger - Skeletonized Hammer - Beavertail Safety - Novak Three-Dot Sights - One 8-round and one 7-round Magazine

Already have a Ruger SR1911 and want some accessories? See below:

Paddle Holster - Fobus C21RP

 Grips - Hogue 45000

Want to share your thoughts on the Ruger SR1911? Please do so here…

 New Product from MagPul

 MagPul is an innovator and leader in accessories for guns, especially the AR 15. They develop and introduce some of the coolest products in the industry. We are proud to offer MagPul and recently added several new products from MagPul. Don't worry, we will definitely be adding more…

There is one product I want to make sure you review, if you have an iPhone. The MagPul Field Case is designed to offer some basic protection for your iPhone while duplicating the look and feel of several MagPul products, including the P-Mag ribs for added grip. The case is available in styles for the iPhone 3 or 4, and in several colors. At only $14.50, this case will make a great gift for yourself or someone you know with an iPhone.

 AR 15 - New addition

I think we sometimes see something enough that we almost grow numb to it. We may not realize the usefulness or potential because we are used to it, even though we may have not even used it. This was the case with a really simple item for me recently. I have a bipod on my AR 15 mainly for using as a display at shows. I initially installed it on the hand rail and left it there, even though I KNEW I wanted to install a vertical grip. Finally, I got around to moving the bipod from the rail to the barrel making room for the grip. What a difference! It feels so natural to use the vertical grip and it also helps with control if you are rapid-firing. Simple additions can make a HUGE difference.

 AR 15 with Bump Stock

The SSAR-15 from Slide Fire Solutions may very well be the most talked about product this entire year. With a simple replacement of your stock with this unit, you now have a gun that fires in full auto (in principle). I had an opportunity to use an AR-15 that had the bump stock on it last week. Although we struggled initially (because we did not read instructions!), we soon had it going and burning through ammo like crazy. (I apologize for video quality…I was caught without a good camera and had to use an iPhone).

Fun stuff!


What do we have in store on the blog this week? 1. Bump stock experience - Yes, I shot an AR-15 with the most talked about product this year, the Bump Stock that makes it fully automatic. I will have my take on it, as well as some video of it in action. 2. AR 15 addition - Vertical Grip - This simple product addition made a world of difference. 3. MagPul phone cover - MagPul has introduced an iPhone cover with the famous MagPul feel. 4. Special offer - Of course, I will have a special offer only available here!

Be sure and come back to see details on these topics this week!


New Product - Single Point Tactical Sling

We have added a new Single Point Tactical sling to the webstore. Priced competitively at $15.95, this sling is well built and very durable. This new sling has been a huge hit at the recent gun shows we attended and we are happy to offer an alternative to some of the more expensive versions. Made by NcStar, this sling is in stock and ready to ship!

 Other Guns - Range time

In addition to shooting the Sig P220, I had a chance to shoot some other really cool guns. Some that have been on my list for a while and some, well some that were truly unique.

As popular as the Springfield XD has become, you would think that I would have had one in my hands by now. But, I have never pulled the trigger on one of these fine pistols. That all changed last week…

To make up for lost time, I ended up shooting two Springfield XD's. The first was the XD Sub-Compact in .40 caliber. I was very impressed with this gun and really enjoyed the way it handled. Although very small and compact, the recoil was not bad and the gun felt real smooth. I also shot the full size XD in 9mm. This gun was one of my favorites! It also had a set of Crimson Trace Laser grips and this gun was nice to shoot. Very low recoil, good trigger, and the addition of the Crimson Trace produced a great system that I would be proud to own. A side note on the Crimson Trace: this was my first time to use Crimson Trace Laser grips and I was very impressed. The pressure switch for activating the laser was so sensitive that it was very natural to just grip the gun and the laser came on. They felt very comfortable and in fact, it was hard to tell they were anything different than normal grips. Springfield has definitely produced some fine pistols in recent years and I was glad to FINALLY put some rounds through them. Now, will I add one of them to my own collection? Hopefully soon, real soon.

Next time - heard about the Bump Stock for the AR 15 that enables it to shoot full auto? I had one in my hands at the range and have a full (kind of, really a partial and more details later) report for you.

 Sig P220 - Range Time

I recently bought an older model Sig P220 in .45. According to my research, it was made (or 'proofed') in 1991, German made, and evidently someone took very good care of it. I have had a Sig on my wish list for a while and this one was in the budget. I was not able to confirm whether the green slide was done at the factory or not, but I thought it looked really nice. It originally had the SigLites, but at some point someone replaced them with Trijicon night sights. This past week presented an opportunity to take it shooting and I was not disappointed. It shot extremely smooth and accurately. I especially enjoyed the trigger on this gun. I do think a set of Hogue grips would make a nice addition to this one.

 I have a sneaking suspicion this won't be my last Sig…

 What is Gun Gear USA up to?

Behind the scenes at Gun Gear USA has been pretty busy for the last few months. We attended several gun shows, added accessories to the Ultimate AR 15, bought and shot some new guns, and added lots of new products to the webstore. Whew…it has been awesome! We will be covering these in more details in the following days. So, be sure and come back for more information on each of these activities and of course, keep an eye out for some HOT deals to match our HOT weather.

 Site update - video

We had a video made at a recent gun show of the Gun Cleaning Mats and just had it uploaded to the homepage of our webstore. Thought you all might like to see it and get more details on the mats. Thanks and have a good one!


Snipers, Inc Have any of you seen the Snipers, Inc show featuring the Barrett family? Wow, what a great show! In case you did not know, Ronnie Barrett designed and produced the first shoulder-fired .50 Cal rifle (bearing his name, the Barrett Rifle) back in 1982. Ever since then, him and his family have continued to innovate and introduce more rifles that most people say could never be done. One part of the show that I was impressed with was their devotion to the US Military. They evidently spend lots of time with the people that are using their rifles and getting feedback so they can improve and make them more effective. It was nice to see a company that does not rest on their laurels, but keep pushing themselves even when they could clearly sit back and ride the wave they created a long time ago. They also interviewed an Army Sniper who holds the record for the longest kill shot ever made…I won't spoil this one for you! Unbelievable. You can get details on when the show airs here ________________________________________

Little Rock Gun Show Thanks to all of the people that braved the miserable heat this weekend and stopped by the Gun Gear USA display in Little Rock at the State Fairgrounds. We had a great turnout Saturday and the Gun Mats were a big hit again. This weekend, the popular models were the AR 15, 1911, H&K and AK 47. Believe it or not , the SIG mats did not sell as many as usual. We also sold quite a few Tactical accessories. The awesome Tri-Rail scope was a seller, as was the reflex sights. Thanks again! We will be set up this coming weekend at the Springdale Convention Center. If any of you are in Northwest Arkansas for the 4th of July weekend, stop by and say hi. ________________________________________

AR-15 Accessories (Contd.) NcStar DDAB We previously discussed the new DGAB from NcStar, but do not forget about the DDAB for a great Reflex sight with a red dot. " LED (Light Emitting Diode) 100% safe for the eyes " Anodized Aluminum body " Heads up display " Unlimited eye relief and field of view " Standard On/Off switch " Powered by three volt lithium battery (CR2032) " Includes extra battery, lens cover, mounting tool ________________________________________

AR-15 Accessories (Contd.) Bipod - The last accessory for Phase I of the Ultimate AR-15 was a bipod. I will admit I never even have used a bipod on any of my rifles. Although I do some fairly long-range shooting, mainly for deer hunting, my choice has always been a sandbag. But, a bipod will be useful on the AR, especially for longer shots and while displaying it at gun shows. I chose the ABPGF from NcStar. It is a full size bipod with attachments for mounting it via the barrel, sling stud or rail. The legs are adjustable from 7" to 11" and fold easily out of the way when not in use. After taking it to the range, I have to tell you the bipod is a really nice addition. It does add some weight to the front of the rifle, but for the right application it is handy. ________________________________________

Gun Gear USA in Southaven, MS Southaven, MS Gun Show Many thanks to all of the customers that came by the Gun Gear USA display at the Southaven, MS gun show this past weekend. The event was well attended, especially Saturday, and we really enjoyed meeting everyone. The Gun Mats were a big hit again and even though I tried to get the mix correct, I ran out of Glock, AK47, and Sig P220. My apologies to all that were not able to get those, but we have a replacement order on the way that will be here Friday. Our next show will be right here in Little Rock at the Little Rock Fairgrounds, June 25 & 26. We will have Gun Mats, Tactical Accessories and The Ultimate AR-15. See you there! ________________________________________

Gun Mats - New Models In addition to the current lineup of Gun Cleaning Mats, we added several new Models, including one that EVERY Gun Enthusiast should own. 2nd Amendment - As gun owners, we certainly are proud of the 2nd Amendment. Now you can show your enthusiasm with this NEW mat containing the famous words we cherish. Get yours here. Smith & Wesson M&P - Smith and Wesson fans, we did not forget you! H&K USP - We also added the popular USP from Heckler & Koch. Springfield XD(M) - We already had the Springfield XD mat, but now we also have the Gun Cleaning mat for the XD(M). ________________________________________

AR-15 Accessories (contd.) What good is a tactical weapon without a flashlight, right? For now, the NcStar ATFLB Weaver Mount LED Flashlight tops off the optical accessories on the Gun Gear USA AR-15. The ATFLB has 65 lumens and easily fits on a Weaver or Picatinny accessory rail. It has a cap switch that also accepts the AFWS pressure switch. Additional features are below; - All Aluminum construction; 3 Watt Ultra-Bright LED - 65 Lumens peak output - Momentary and Constant on/off cap switch (compatible with AFWS pressure switch) - Includes Weaver Style Ring Mount - Uses 2 CR123A Lithium Type Batteries (included) Dimensions (INCHES) 4.64Lx1Wx1.12H Weight: 5.7oz. with batteries ________________________________________

AR-15 Accessories (contd.) The next accessory I added to the Gun Gear USA AR-15 was a Laser. Although I had most situations covered with the Scope and Green Reflex sight, I still thought a laser sight would be ideal. I chose the NcStar APRLSMG for the compact size and the green laser. Since I have quite a few accessories on this gun, weight comes into consideration. I want to minimize it where I can and the compact size/weight of this laser sight helps a lot. The laser sight is turned on by twisting the tail cap all the way for constant on or by depressing the tail cap for momentary. You can also add the pressure switch (included with the APRLSMG) with a coiled cord so you can have the on/off switch in a place convenient for you. It is mounted easily via the Weaver style mount and hex-head screws. You can adjust the laser for both windage and elevation. If you are looking for a new laser sight, this is the one to have. ________________________________________

AR-15 Accessories (contd.) As I mentioned in the last post, we are presently adding some accessories to a new AR-15. I wanted to have both long range and short range sight capabilities with this gun. So, in addition to the 2-7×32 scope, I added a Reflex style sight. This is a fantastic option for short-range shooting. The Reflex style sight is a non-magnified sight that incorporates a red dot or green dot for your point of aim. It is basically a Red-Dot scope without a tube. The benefits are a much wider field of view and quick target acquisition. This particular model uses a green dot for sighting, is tiny and lightweight. Since the scope has the accessory rail, it was simple to add this to the top. Other features include; - The DGAB has sensors that detect the light level and automatically adjust the brightness of the green dot. - There is no On/Off switch. The sight automatically comes on once the cover is removed. - Adjustable for Windage/Elevation. We will look at another sight next time. ________________________________________

AR 15 Accessories I recently purchased a new AR-15, very basic with no frills, to build up and add some accessories. The first phase of the project included 2 products that will serve as the building block for a lot of the rest of the project. The first thing was to replace the plastic handrail with a aluminum Quad Handrail from NcStar. This will allow me to add LOTS of additional accessories, as you will see later. I also put a NcStar Tactical 3-Rail, 2-7×32, compact scope with blue illuminated crosshairs. This particular model has the MIL-DOT crosshairs. It attached EASILY with two screws via the weaver base (of course, my AR has a rail on the top to accept this). Those features are enough for a great scope, but check this out. This scope has 16" of rail space built on the outside of the scope! This provides you the capability to mount additional accessories right to the scope and helps with gun balance issues (the scope area is basically the center of the gun…too many accessories at the front of the gun will make it off-balance). We will look at another awesome sight we added next time. Be sure and check out all of the great NcStar products here from Gun Gear USA. ________________________________________

Gun Cleaning Mats with exploded diagrams - Now, back in stock! After a quick sellout of our new Gun Mats, with exploded diagrams of some of the most popular gun models, they are now back in stock. Glock 1911 SIG P220 P226 P229 XD Beretta 92 AR-15 SKS AK-47 Please check back soon for some new models and one that every gun enthusiast must have. ________________________________________

 More Reasons for Fobus Considering a Fobus Holster and need more reasons? Faster draw than leather - the retention point for Fobus Holster is the trigger guard of your gun…so, release is quick. Maintenance Free - easy to clean, all you need is soap and water. Comfortable - at only 2 ounces, you will hardly notice your Fobus holster. Lifetime Warranty - Fobus Holsters are backed by a lifetime warranty, no questions asked. Variety - with all of the styles Fobus offers, as described here, you can find one that suits your application. We hope you have enjoyed this series on Fobus Holsters. Please contact us if we can be of assistance in any way. Thanks for reading. ________________________________________

Other Fobus products Fobus also has several other products, including mag pouches and a shoulder harness. Mag Pouches - In addition to the holster line for pistols, Fobus offers a huge variety of mag pouches. They are available in single and double styles, as well as paddle and belt models. Here is a double mag pouch for the 9mm, .357, and .40 double stack. Handcuff and Magazine pouches - a combination pouch to hold a magazine and handcuffs, this style is offered in paddle, belt and Roto-holster models. Flashlight and Magazine Pouches - this pouch is designed to hold your flashlight and a magazine, in both paddle and belt styles. Shoulder Harness - the Fobus shoulder harness system is made from nylon and will accept any Roto-Holster and Roto Mag pouch from Fobus. It is available in a one mounting point and two mounting point style. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Fobus or any other product. ________________________________________

Fobus Holsters - Available Styles Fobus offers several styles of its popular holster line to accommodate your specific need. Below are some of the most popular ones. You can find a large selection at Gun Gear USA. Standard Holster - this is the standard model of Fobus Holsters, offered in both paddle and belt holster style. Here is an example of one for the Walther. Roto Holster - The Roto Holster model from Fobus rotates a full 360 degrees. This feature allows you to adjust the angle for your preference…cross-draw, bodyguard, driver, small of the back, strong side, etc. Here is one for the Springfield XD. Evolution Holster - the Evolution from Fobus provides you an additional feature…tension adjustment for the retention feature. With a simple adjustment of the screw, you can set it to your specification. Here is an Evolution for the 1911. Tactical Holster - Do you have a Glock with a light or laser? If so, Fobus has a holster for you. This model incorporates a strap that wraps around the trigger guard to hold the pistol in place. It fits the Glock 17,22,31 and in both paddle and belt style. The standard model can be found here and the Roto model here. Ankle Holster - The ankle holster from Fobus has a ¾" cordura pad that is lined in suede. It uses an adjustable Velcro strap to provide a perfect fit. Here is one for the popular Bersa. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance in finding one for your gun. ________________________________________

Gun Gear USA welcomes you to a four-part series on Fobus Holsters. An injection molded holster that is made to fit your gun, affordable, comfortable, combat-proven and comes with a "no questions asked" lifetime warranty…say hello to Fobus Holsters. Fobus holsters were designed for the Israel military and special services. They offer the combination of strength with comfort, and are extremely lightweight (2 ounces). They are designed to ride high and close, with a very low profile. The paddle model is rubberized for comfort and has a steel reinforced rivet attachment system for durability. Fobus has more fits for more guns than anyone…you can find your gun and corresponding holster on this compatibility chart. Fobus Fit Chart 3-2-10 We offer most of the Fobus Holsters in our store here, but please let us know if you do not find the model you are looking for or need any assistance with finding the correct fit. Tomorrow we will reveal more reasons Fobus Holsters are quickly becoming the Concealment Holster of choice. ________________________________________

Butler Creek UpLula Universal Pistol Loader Loading pistol magazines, especially some of the higher capacity models, can get tiring quick. Enter the Butler Creek UpLula Universal Pistol Loader. This awesome product loads all .45, .40, 10mm, .357, and 9mm caliber rounds and magazines; both single and double stack mags., of all manufacturers. Basically acting as an additional finger to depress the magazine, you are then able to drop the round in. Then, release the lever, squeeze it again as you raise it over the round just inserted, and drop another one in! It is simple, easy, painless on fingers and extremely quick. There are some models that do not load properly and you can see those here. We offer it for $29.95. Get yours here… Thanks for reading. Gun Show The crew at Gun Gear USA recently exhibited at a Gun Show in central Arkansas. We had several AR 15 accessories, including a tricked out AR 15 with NcStar accessories, but the showcase product was the new Gun Mats we talked about last week. We had a great time and sold out of many of the Gun Mats. We had already sold several of the SIG P226 and P229 mats online before the show, and we ended up selling out of those. The AR 15, 1911, and Glock were also popular sellers. We are currently restocking and are adding the following mats; Springfield XD(M), Smith & Wesson M&P, H&K USP and a really cool mat with the 2nd Amendment inscribed. Please look for these real soon. Thanks for reading. ________________________________________

Ducks Unlimited Shooting Glasses This shooting glass kit from Gun Gear USA includes everything you need for a day at the range. Not only does it have the frame and multiple lens, but it also has the Ducks Unlimited logo. The kit has 5 lenses; clear for indoor applications, amber for low light, sun block bronze for that offers a brighter view on cloudy, hazy or foggy days, and infinity blue for indoor applications that have an excessive amount of yellow light. All lenses are 100% polycarbonate scratch-resistant and anti-fog. The frame has adjustable nose pad, temples and lens pitch (angle) and is black. Also included are a neoprene case with Ducks Unlimited logo and in Max-4 camo, a microfiber cleaning cloth (also with the Ducks Unlimited logo) and a camo break-away cord. For $21.95, this will make a great addition to your range bag. Get yours here… Thanks or reading. ________________________________________

 Hoppe's Boresnake Hoppe's Boresnake is the fastest bore cleaner on the planet. One pass loosens large particles, scrubs out the remaining residue with a bronze brush, then swabs it all spotless with a cleaning area 160x larger than a standard patch. Add a few drops of Hoppe's No. 9 Lubricating Oil or Hoppe's Elite and your gun is ready for storage. - The world's quickest three step bore shine - Available for rifles, shotguns, and pistols. - Brass weight on the pull cord is stamped with the caliber. - Patented one piece design - Machine washable Gun Gear USA offers a wide variety and the most popular models. If you do not see the one you need, just let us know! 24010 .17 cal. Centerfire & .17HMR 24011 .22 cal. Centerfire & Rimfire 24012 6mm, .243 caliber 24013 .25, 6.5mm, .264 caliber 24014 .270, 7mm, .284, .280 caliber 24015 .308, 30-30, .30-06, .300, .303 caliber 24016 .32, 8mm caliber 24017 .338, .340 caliber 24018 .35, .350, .357, .358, .375 caliber 24019 .416, .44, .45-70, .458, .460 caliber 24020 .50, .54 caliber 24025 .204 caliber Pistols & Revolvers 24000 .22 caliber 24001 .30, .32 caliber 24002 .380, 9mm, .38, .357 caliber 24003 .40, .41 caliber 24004 .44, .45 caliber Shotguns 24031 .410 gauge 24032 28 gauge 24033 20 gauge 24034 16 gauge 24035 12 gauge 24036 10 gauge ________________________________________

Blackhawk CQC Concealment Holster The patented SERPA concealment holsters offer state-of-the art retention technology for concealed carry holsters. Gun Gear USA offers Blackhawk Concealment Holsters in either a carbon fiber or matte finish holster. BLACKHAWK! concealment holsters feature belt loop and/or paddle platforms for your concealment carry preference and comfort. Featuring a unique speed-cut design, the CQC Carbon-Fiber Holster allows for smooth draw and easy re-holster without slowing you down. The patented SERPA Auto Lock™ release delivers unparalleled weapon security and is automatically positioned to facilitate a correct drawing motion, making it the perfect Level 2 retention holster for concealed carry. o Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA® Auto Lock™ release o Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique o Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security o Speed-cut design allows rapid draw, target acquisition, and re-holster while keeping eyes on target o Includes belt loop and paddle platform All BLACKHAWK! SERPA® CQC® Concealment Holsters come with both belt loop and paddle platform. Thanks for reading. Grip Screws from Hogue The perfect way to accent the grips on your pistol. Custom grip screws from Hogue provide the perfect finish for your new grips. We offer a selection of factory replacement grip screws for popular semiautomatic pistols along with an assortment of custom screws in either slotted or Allen (hex) head styles. Custom allen head screws not only look great but are functional as well. Allen drivers do not slip like a straight screwdriver, minimizing the possibility of scratching your grip or firearm. Screws are offered in several finishes including Blue, stainless, plated etc Hogue Screws are available for the following: Colt Government, Commander, Officers and Clones Beretta and Taurus Ruger P-85 through P-94 Ruger MK-II Sig Sauer P220 and P230 SIG Sauer P226,228 and 229 Browning Hi Power CZ-75, TZ-75 Thanks for reading. ________________________________________

NcStar APRLS Laser Sight The APRLS from NcStar is one of the smallest laser sights available! Weighing only 3 oz (with batteries!), the APRLS has a weaver style mount that will also fit on a picatinny rail. Fully adjustable for windage and elevation, this laser can also be coupled with a pressure switch for EASY activation. We offer this NcStar laser for $26, batteries and a mounting tool are included, and we SHIP it for FREE! And, as with all NcStar products, they are covered with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Get yours here - Thanks for reading. ________________________________________

Hogue Grips Hogue produces the finest Handgun Grips in the world, along with a growing line of OverMolded® rifle and shotgun stocks, holsters, grip screws and other great firearm accessories. The popular Soft Rubber grips are molded from a durable synthetic rubber that is not spongy or tacky, but gives that soft recoil absorbing feel, without affecting accuracy. This modern rubber requires a completely different molding process than ordinary neoprene and results in a much superior grip. The material Hogue uses does not come apart or deteriorate and is resistant to all solvents and oils used around firearms. Hogue Grips give you a lasting precision fit and durability that will provide years of dependable service. The flexibility of the materials and molding process has allowed Hogue to produce superior rubber grips with features that out perform all other makes. Being a true one-piece grip with a single one-piece insert, Monogrips have no mismatched seam to come apart. And of course the rubber revolver grips have all the features that made the Hogue Monogrip famous. Monogrip features include orthopedic handshape, proportioned finger grooves, (real finger grooves, not just small nonfunctional bumps) and they are fully relieved for speedloaders. All Hogue rubber grips hold securely in cold, wet or sweating hands, and do not have any metal medallions that can irritate the hand. Hogue grips are attractive as well as functional. Molded in a handsome black color they dress up either blue or stainless handguns. Hogue's exclusive "Cobblestone" texture has become the texture of choice among firearm enthusiasts. Cobblestone provides a positive non-irritating stippling feature that replaces traditional checkering. This texture not only gives Hogue a modern and distinctive look, but is also very functional. It is specifically designed to be a balance between a sharply checkered and a smooth grip. Cobblestone provides a firm grip but by relaxing grip pressure allows the hand the mobility of a smooth grip. Hogue's exclusive molding process is exceptionally superior when it comes to Semi-Automatics. Because the rubber they use actually chemically bonds to the insert, they are able to have a smooth hard surface on the inside of the grip. This duplicates a stock grip configuration on the inside, and allows the grip to maintain exacting tolerances. This is a very important feature that sets Hogue apart. Other brands with steel inserts must wrap rubber all the way around the insert which can hang up on the vital working mechanisms found so close to the grip on many automatics. Also because rubber doesn't have to wrap all the way around, the insert design allows Hogue to make a smaller and more comfortable grip for high capacity double stack magazine guns. Gun Gear USA is proud to offer a huge selection of Hogue Grips and Hogue Grip Screws. We are also happy to assist with any fit questions you may have. Please check out our selection today and be sure to let us know if you need any help. Hogue Grips can be found here - Hogue Grip Screws can be found here - Thanks for reading. Brand new from Gun Gear USA are these gun cleaning mats with exploded parts diagram of some of the most popular pistols and rifles. These mats are high quality neoprene rubber backed with a cloth top to protect your gun bench, desk, kitchen table, or whatever surface you usually clean or maintain your gun on. The soft polyester top will ensure your gun doesn't get scratched while the neoprene rubber backing on the mat will keep everything in place and prevent your work surface from sliding around. This mat will also keep harmful chemicals, oil and dirt from penetrating down to your desk, bench or the area where you normally clean and work on your firearms. After the mat begins to accumulate too much dirt, chemicals, or oil just throw it in the wash on a gentle cycle, allow to air dry and it will be virtually like new. The pistol gun cleaning and parts mat measures 11 inches by 17 inches and is 1/8 of an inch thick. The pistol models currently available are Glock, Beretta 92, SIG P220, SIG P226, SIG P229, 1911 and the Springfield XD. Gun Cleaning Mat for 1911 with Exploded Parts Diagram These can be found by clicking on the links above or here… The rifle model measures 12 inches by 36 inches and is 1/8 of an inch thick. The rifles are the AR-15, SKS and AK 47. Gun Cleaning Mat for AR 15 with exploded parts diagram These can be found here… Be sure and check these out today! Thanks for reading.

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