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NcStar Scope

Product Spotlight


Want to see one of the most innovative scopes available? Look no further than the NcStar 3 Rail Scope. Featuring 3 Accessory Rails built right into the scope housing, you can easily add additional accessories. With this NcStar Scope, you can put a Reflex sight, Laser Sight or Flashlight on the scope and never affect the balance of the gun.

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NcStar Featured Product

NcStar Deluxe Double Rifle Case with BackPack Straps

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•Constructed from Heavy Duty PVC Material

•Main compartment: 45” L X 12½” H X 3” D

•PALS webbing on the main and the larger external compartment

•Heavy Duty zippers.

•Padded panels to protect your valuables.

•Two zippered external compartments:

•The Smaller of the compartments (14½” W X 10½” H) has a large padded pocket (that can accommodate a couple handguns) and five elastic bands to hold semi-auto pistol magazines.

•The Larger compartment (27” W X 10½ H) has PALS webbing to secure your shooting accessories or smaller firearms. Two shoulder straps provided; allows you to carry the Double Rifle Case like a back pack.

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NcStar has come a LONG way (NcStar has introduced over one hundred products in the last 18 months) in a relatively short amount of time (12 years). Known for their very innovative scopes at affordable prices and a Lifetime Warranty, NcStar has expanded their product line to include many accessories for the AR 15, SKS and AK47.

Gun Gear USA is an authorized distributor of NcStar products and carries the full line. We also offer a lot of NcStar resources below to help you in selecting the right product for you. Please use the information below, including NcStar Product listings, popular NcStar Products, information on the different types of NcStar products, a full NcStar catalog, Scope features and terminology, different types of reticles and an NcStar FAQ’s section.


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NcStar Products - Complete Listing    


NcStar Red Dot Scopes


NcStar Laser Sights

NcStar Scopes


NcStar Products


Scopes & Sights

NcStar has a wide variety of scopes for many applications. From scopes with illuminated crosshairs to scopes with integrated lasers, NcStar has something for everybody.

3-Rail Sighting System (Link)– NcStar introduced one of the most innovative scopes available today for tactical applications. The 3 Rail Sighting System is a modular design with accessory rails incorporated into the scope housing, including one along the top of the scope and one along each side. Now you can mount secondary sights and accessories right on the scope, such as Red Dot/Reflex sight, Laser sight and/or a Flashlight.

There are various options available with the 3 Rail Sighting System including illuminated crosshairs, variable power and 3 reticles (Mil-Dot, P4 Sniper and Rangefinder). All models have the Weaver base that enables the scope to easily fit any Weaver Style and Picatinny rails.

Ultimate Sighting System (Link)– the NcStar Ultimate Sighting System offers the perfect platform for combining a long-range and close quarters combat shooting system. This system includes a NcStar Mark III Tactical scope, a specially designed ring that mounts on the ocular lens housing, and a Red Dot Reflex sight(DDAB). The mount is designed so the Red Dot Reflex sight can be rotated to the desired offset or centered.

Patriot series – The NcStar Patriot series of scopes are waterproof, shockproof and fogproof. They have audible and tactile ¼ MOA elevation and windage adjustments. They also have a built-in sunshade that is incorporated into the objective lens housing. The Patriot series scopes are offered in both fixed and variable power, different colors (Black, Silver and now Dark Earth) and with Mil-Dot, P4 Sniper or Rangefinder reticle.

Honor series – Rock Solid construction for dependable sighting, the Honor series is available in 10x42 Fixed and 3-12x50. This series also has Dual Illuminated reticles, Red and Green, like the Freedom series.

Mark III SRT series (Link)– designed for tactical applications, the Mark III series from NcStar offers some unique features that sets it apart. First, installation is simple and easy with the Quick Release Weaver style/Picatinny mounting system. It also has a built-in angle cut sunshade, quick focus eyepiece, bullet drop compensator for the .223 with a 55-grain bullet, and blue illuminated reticles (Mil-Dot, P4 Sniper, or Rangefinder) with multiple brightness settings. And if that’s not enough, there is an integrated red laser!

Mark III Tactical series (Link)– similar to the SRT series, the Tactical series differs by having Dual Illuminated crosshairs and offering either an integrated weaver style/Picatinny mount OR an integrated AR-15/M16 carry handle mount.

Pistolero series (Link)– this series of scopes from NcStar offers long eye relief for extended mounting capability. Models are available with non-illuminated Plex style reticle as well as red illuminated Plex and red-Dot reticles. Aluminum Weaver style rings and lens covers are included with each scope.

Red Dot series (Link)– NcStar has several models of Red Dot scopes in the Scope/tube style. Incorporating an LED that is 100% safe for the eyes, an NcStar Red Dot sight provides unlimited eye relief and field of view. There is a seven position rheostat knob for setting different brightness levels. Choose from an integrated weaver style, 3/8” dovetail or AR 15/M16 carry handle mount.

Reflex sights (Link)– NcStar Reflex Red and Green dot sights are available in black, white and camo color housings. Reflex sights are the ultimate sight for quick shooting and/or running targets.

BinocularsNcStar Full Size binoculars are available in 7x, 10x, 12x and 20x maginifiaction. All have a Ruby lens coating and all except one (Roof) are Porro prism. NcStar binoculars come with a soft carry case, neck strap and lens caps.

NcStar also offers a line of compact binoculars.

AR 15/M16 mounts

From carry handles to sights, NcStar has a complete line of mounts and accessories for the AR 15 rifle. Included in this line are various risers, cantilever scope mounts, quad rails, vertical grips and picatinny rails.

Other mountsNcStar also offers a wide variety of mounts for Ruger, SKS and the AK 47.

Specialized MountsNcStar has a wide variety of specialized mounts that allow you to mount accessories to your tactical style rifle or shotgun. These include scope rail mounts for mounting secondary optics, lasers or flashlights, 45 degree offset rails (Link), and one inch flashlight or laser mounts (Link).

Scope rings & mounts (Link) – from 1” rings in various heights to 30mm rings, NcStar has a wide variety of scope rings. Also included in the scope mounts line are 1” and 30mm Dovetail rings and Ruger rings.

Flashlights (Link)– NcStar Flashlights are available in 35 and 65 lumen, Weaver style and trigger guard mounts. There are also models that include a red laser and one that has an interchangeable bezel that allows you to use either a flashlight or green laser. The AFWS pressure switch can be used in conjunction too.

Laser Sights (Link)– The NcStar Laser Sight product line has Red and Green lasers, Combination Red and Green Lasers, and Compact style lasers. There are barrel style mounts, trigger guard mounts and weaver mounts.


NcStar’s Bipods (Link) come in several styles, including Full Size and Compact, and various mounting configuations such as barrel mount and picatinny rail sling stud mount.

Various Accessories

Muzzle Brakes, Laser Boresighters, AR 15 Tool, Cleaning kits, Batteries and Magazine loaders.

Gun Cases

(Link) Drag Bags, Shooting Mats, Double Rifle cases, and more.


Scope Terminology

Adjustable Objective

An Adjustable Objective is a feature on a scope that allows you to correct for any parallax.  Some of our scopes have an adjustable ring around the objective lens housing (Ex. Shooter II Series), while others have a knob on the left side of the turret housing (Ex. Mark III Series).  Reducing parallax with an adjustable objective equates to greater shot precision. 

Coated Optics

Lens coatings reduce the amount of light reflection allowing more light to pass through the scope.  The more light that a scope can take in, the brighter the targeted image will be which is very important under low lighting conditions.  Most NcSTAR scopes are Fully Multi Coated to maximize light transmission.

Durable Construction

NcSTAR scopes are designed to withstand the toughest elements by using high quality aircraft grade aluminum with a hard anodized finish, providing a surface that is virtually rust and scratch proof. 

Exit Pupil

The exit pupil in an optics system is the circular beam of light being transmitted to your eye.  To find the size of the exit for your scope or binoculars simply take the diameter of the objective lens and divide it by the magnification. For example, a 4x30 scope would have an exit pupil of 7.5mm (30 divided by 4 equals 7.5).  The larger the exit pupil is, in relation to the entrance pupil of the eye, the brighter the image will be. 

 Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance between the shooters eye and the ocular lens (eyepiece) in order to achieve a full field of view and a comfortable aiming position.  Some Scopes have longer eye relief than others depending upon the application they are intended for.  A pistol, for example, requires a scope with long or extended eye relief.  With a magnum rifle, having a little extra eye relief aids in the safety of the shooter’s eye.

Field of View (FOV)

Field of view for a scope or binoculars is the amount of area (in feet) visible from left to right typically at 100 yards.  At higher magnifications the field of becomes more narrow.  At low magnifications the field of view is wider.  For quick target acquisition at close range (under 100 yards) a very wide field of view is desired requiring a scope with low magnification. 


Scope magnification refers to the power size of the scope.  For example on 4x30 scope the magnification would be a 4 power.  In this case the object that you are viewing will appear to be 4 times closer than with the naked eye.  Lower powered scopes are most suitable for close range shooting, while high powered scopes are better for long range shooting. 

Objective Lens

The objective lens is the front lens of the scope (lens closest to the target).  The diameter of the objective lens is measured in millimeters.  For example, on a 3-9x42 scope the objective size is the represented just after the “x” in this case being 42 millimeters.  Larger objectives, such as a 50mm objective, allow for more light to pass through the scope equating to a brighter image.  The larger the objective the taller the mounting rings must be also.

 Ocular lens

The ocular lens (eye piece) is the lens that you look through to view your target.  Most ocular lens adjust in and out to sharpen the contrast of your reticle.  Once set, you should not have to adjust your reticle again.

Power Ring

Variable powered scopes (Ex. 3-9x42) have a power ring usually located directly in front of the ocular housing.  By twisting the power ring you can control the magnification setting.  So on a 3-9x42 scope you can zoom from 3 to 9 power and anywhere in between.  On a fixed powered scope, such as a 6x42, there will not be a power ring because the magnification is permanently set at 6 power.

Windage/Elevation Turret

The windage turret controls the left to right movement of the reticle, and is generally located on the right side of the scope.  The elevation turret controls the up and down movement of the reticle, and is generally located on the top of the scope.  NcSTAR offers a variety of scopes in 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 MOA adjustments so you can choose the scope that’s right for you.








Standard Mil Dot Reticle used to estimate range for increased accuracy.





Combination of two Reticles in one. P4 sniper and unique choke style range finding reticle designed for instant range estimation.


                      P4 Sniper

Specially designed Reticle to estimate range with quickness and accuracy using a simple mathematical formula.




Standard plex Reticle gives the shooter a more natural acquisition between the Reticle and the target.


          Red Dot


The red dot Reticle only illumines in the center giving you a 2 moa dot for easy shot placement in virtually any light condition


         Small Cross

Similar to the red dot Reticle, the small cross only illuminates a small portion of the Reticle for those who do not want full illumination


            Star Burst


Reticle is found only on models D4B, D4S, D4C, and DTB4




Reticle is found only on models D4B, D4S, D4C, and DTB4




Reticle is found only on models D4B, D4S, D4C, and DTB4




All of our red dot sights are reflex type with 3 MOA size while a few are 5 MOA or 2 MOA




NcStar FAQ

Q - Are NcSTAR optics water proof, fog proof, and shock proof?

A-  All NcSTAR scopes are rigorously tested to stand up to the toughest conditions.  First,

all of our scopes are dry nitrogen purged expelling all oxygen making them

impervious to fog and moisture build up.  Next, our scopes are dunked in a 1 meter

tank of water to ensure that they are properly sealed and water tight.  The last phase is

shock testing.  Our scopes are mounted on a platform that replicates the recoil and

pressure of a .50 cal.  Should any of these features fail due to defect, we stand behind

our products 100%.


   Q -  My scope has run out of adjustment therefore I cannot zero it.  Is it defective?

   A - Chances are, your scope is NOT defective.  In many cases it is a problem with the

mount set-up.  Check to be sure that your mounts and rings are straight and properly

tightened.  Shimming the scope will likely solve the problem, as long as it is done

properly.  If you shim your scope improperly then internal damage may be the result.

If you are unsure how to properly shim a scope then consult a trusted gunsmith.   


   Q - My compact scope will not fit on my bolt action rifle.  Is there something that can be


  A - Compact scopes are meant to be mounted on short carbine style rifles.  For example, a

compact scope will not fit a long bolt action with standard bases simply because there

will be not be enough mounting surface on the main tube to stretch the length of the

action.  An alternative would be to mount a one piece Weaver Style Base that covers

the length of the action.  For a bolt action rifle a full size scope will probably be more  



Q - What do the numbers on my rifle scope represent?

A - The numbers printed on NcSTAR scopes represent the power size and the objective

size in millimeters.  For example, if 4x30 is printed on your scope then the

magnification of your scope is fixed at 4 power (object will appear 4 times closer than

it actually is) and the objective lens size is 30 millimeters in diameter.  If 3-9x42 is

printed on your scope then the magnification is variable between 3-9 power (able to

zoom in and out between 3 and 9 by adjusting the powering) and the objective lens

size is 42 millimeters in diameter.   


Q - I need an owner's manual for my NcSTAR product.  Can I order one directly from


A - You can download a copy of the instruction manual from this site.  If you cannot find

the instructions for your particular item, then call our Tech Support Customer Service

Center at 1-866-627-8278, and we will send you a copy.     


Q - How does the P4 Sniper Reticle work?

A - Click Here for a tutorial and how to properly use the P4 Sniper Reticle.


 Q - How does the Rangefinder Reticle work?   

 A - Click Here for a tutorial and how to properly use the Rangefinder Reticle.


Q - How do I change the battery in my NcSTAR scope?

A -For most NcSTAR illuminated scopes the battery housing will be located inside of the

rheostat knob (the knob that controls the on/off function of the illumination).  You will

notice a thin cap on top of the rheostat knob.  Hold the knob firmly in place and twist

the top cap counter clockwise.  Unscrew the cap completely to reveal the battery

housing.  Remove the old battery and dispose of properly.  Be sure to replace it with

the same battery type, not doing so may cause damage to the unit.   


Q - How do I install my sunshade to my NcSTAR rifle scope?

A -You will want to make sure that you are using an NcSTAR brand sunshade on an

NcSTAR scope that is sunshade compatible.  On the end of the objective housing

you will notice a ring.  Twist this ring counter clock wise to remove it.  Once

this ring is removed you will see the exposed threads which the sunshade attaches to.

Twist the sunshade onto the scope clockwise until it is snug, but do not over tighten.

Once you have the sunshade on install the ring in the same fashion to complete the



Q - How do I contact NcSTAR for live tech support?

A - You can reach a Tech Support representative by calling us toll free at 1-866-627-8278. 

We will be happy to assist you with questions, comments, or concerns that you may

have with your product.


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