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Project AR15 

Welcome to Project AR15. We are taking the DPMS AR15 back down to stock and starting over. The current build (almost all NcStar) has been awesome. It is set up to take a long-range shot, close range shot or low light shot. It is definitely a universal, great all-around set up. But, it is time for a change…

Read more HERE

Magpul PMAG Sale!

Magpul PMAG is on sale for $7.95! Get your today before they are gone!

See the Magpul PMAG on sale HERE.

NcStar Sale!


Join us for our NcStar promotion event in November and save big. All NcStar products are on sale and every order gets FREE NcStar promotional items. Plus, qualifying orders will receive free NcStar products. All month long at Gun Gear USA. Get all of the details on our current promotions page.

We will take an in-depth look at the NcStar line, including NcStar scopes, NcStar Laser Sights, NcStar Red Dot sights, NcStar Mounts, and NcStar cases, backpacks and vests. Today, we will start with NcStar scopes.

NcStar Month at Gun Gear USA

Mark your calendars!

We are celebrating November at Gun Gear USA with special offers for all NcStar products.

First, all NcStar products (NcStar scopes, NcStar Laser sights, NcStar Red dot sights, NcStar mounts, NcStar cases, backpacks, vests and more) are 10% off their already low price. We are also giving away FREE Ncstar promotional items with every order. Plus, every qualifying order will receive FREE NcStar product! But, you will have to come back on November 1 to get all of the details.

NcStar AR15 Tactical Expert kit (contd.)


We have been reviewing the NcStar AR15 Tactical Expert kit and are now going to add an NcStar laser sight. If you need to catch up on the product release of the NcStar kit, you can start here.

For review, we started with the NcStar hand guard, then added an NcStar scope, and today we will look at the NcStar Green Laser sight.

You can see the entire NcStar kit here.

NcStar AR15 Tactical Expert kit (contd.)


We continue looking at the NcStar AR15 Tactical Expert kit (our exclusive all-in-one kit to convert your AR15) today. We are going to add one of the most innovative scopes avaialable – an NcStar scope.

After laying a great foundation by replacing the handguard with a quad rail last time, we can now add some optics.

NcStar Tactical scope

The scope in the AR15 kit is an NcStar 3 Rail Tactical compact scope full of features. It is a 2X-7X variable power with a 32mm objective lens. It has blue illuminated reticles with the Mil-Dot crosshair. It has an integrated weaver base that easily fits on any weaver base, such as an AR15 flat-top receiver. But, the feature that sets it apart from anything else like it – 3 accessory rails built right into the scope housing.

November will be NcStar month!

NcStar Products at Gun Gear USA

We are celebrating November with NcStar at Gun Gear USA! All NcStar products will be on sale, plus there will be opportunities to get FREE NcStar gear and promotional items all month long.


Join us in November as we review some of the top NcStar products, including NcStar scopes, NcStar laser sights, NcStar red dot sights, NcStar Reflex sights, NcStar mounts, NcStar spotting scopes, and NcStar accessories. We will also look at NcStar rifle cases, NcStar backpacks, NcStar scabbards and NcStar vests.

NcStar AR15 Tactical Expert Kit (contd.)


We looked at an exciting new product last time, the NcStar AR15 Tactical Expert kit – an all-in-one kit that gives you a lot of products for your AR15.

Ncstar scope

Gun Gear USA is offering the kit for a deep discount. If you purchased the items separately, it would be $300. But, for a limited time you can get the package for $259. Plus, we will ship if for FREE, provide batteries for all items and give you a NcStar MPR45 offset mount!

See the NcStar AR15 package here.

Today, we are going to look at one of the main components of the NcStar package. It could be argued that changing out the plastic handguard for a quad rail could be one of the biggest transformations you can do to your AR15. I believe this simply because of the options a quad rail offers.

NcStar AR15 Tactical Expert Kit


Gun Gear USA New Product Release

Announcing the launch of the AR15 Tactical Expert Kit. This is a complete package that gives your AR15 the facelift it needs. Not only do we put all of the products in one package for easy ordering, we also are offering a deep discount. See below for more details on the special offer. First, let’s see (literally) what this package offers…

How about a Before and After?

Tapco Featured Product – Ruger Mini 14 Magazine

Tapco Intrafuse

Ruger Mini 14 Magazine

The Ruger Mini 14 is a great rifle that has been around for quite a while. The worse thing about it has been the lack of aftermarket magazines available for it. Unfortunately, most of them sell for around $50. When you can pick up a quality AR 15 magazine for less than $15, it seems ridiculous. Fortunately, Tapco has a solution…

Tapco Featured Product – Tapco AK47 Stocks

Tapco Intrafuse

Tapco AK47 Stock

We are looking at the Tapco AK47 products this week. We looked at Tapco AK47 magazines previously, and today we are going to look at Tapco AK47 Stocks.

Tapco offers a variety of AK47 Stocks and are going to look at each one of them. We will look at Tapco AK47 Folding Stocks, T6 Collapsible Stocks, and Fixed Stocks.

You can see all of the Tapco AK47 Stocks and other AK47 Accessories here.

Tapco AK47 Folding Stocks

Tapco Featured Product – Tapco AK47 Magazines

Tapco Intrafuse

Tapco AK Magazines

We all know the importance of the magazines for our guns. Gun magazines must be dependable, reliable and well-made to endure all they go through. It helps if they are affordable, too. Thanks to Tapco, we can have an AK mag with all of these features.

Tapco Featured Product – Tapco AK Accessories

Tapco Intrafuse

We have looked at a lot of great Tapco products the past 2 weeks. We started by looking at Tapco AR15 Accessories in week 1(you can see those articles starting here), Tapco SKS Accessories in week 2 (those articles start here) and this week we will look at Tapco AK accessories.

Tapco Intrafuse offers some of the finest AK accessories available. They have a broad product selection for the AK, including the following;

Tapco Featured Product – Summary

Tapco Intrafuse Products

We spent this week looking in detail at some of the great Tapco SKS products. Before we move on to the next group of Tapco Products (how about the AK?), let’s look back at the SKS Products we saw from Tapco.

Tapco Featured Product – Tapco SKS Tools

Tapco SKS Products

We have looked at some awesome Tapco SKS products this week. Even though the SKS does not get a lot of attention, it is a great gun. And with the Tapco T6 stock, you can have accesory rails so you can add more gear and have a very versatile rifle.

Tapco Featured Product – Tapco SKS Vertical Grips

Tapco Intrafuse Products

Tapco SKS Products

We continue looking at the variety of Tapco SKS Products this week. Today, we are going to look at the Tapco Vertical grips for the SKS. Tapco offers a full size version, a short version and a vertical grip/bipod version.

We start with the Tapco Intrafuse Vertical Grip designed to attach to the Picatinny Accessory Rail. This full size version is perfect for the SKS rifle. This grip is designed to give you ultimate command over your rifle and enable you to acquire targets much faster. Tapco flattened out the sides for a solid attachment of tactical light tape switches and created a waterproof storage compartment within the grip for the safe storage of batteries and other weapon essentials. Tapco dares you to mount the INTRAFUSE® Vertical Grip on your favorite rifle and tell us that it doesn’t give you more power over your rifle.

Tapco Featured Product – SKS Stocks

Tapco Intrafuse Products

Tapco SKS Stocks

If you are looking to totally transform your SKS into a modern, adaptable platform that will look like a new gun, look at Tapco’s SKS stock selection.

Tapco Intrafuse offers one of the best SKS stocks available. This
system gives you a 6 position adjustable T6 stock, so it will accommodate any
sized shooter, a SAW Style Pistol Grip for greater comfort and control, and an
upper handguard rail for adding accessories. Tapco offers versions with accessory rails for adding additional accessories such as vertical grips, laser sights, tactical flashlights and more. There are also versions for with cutouts for spike or blade bayonets.

Tapco Featured Product – Tapco SKS Mags

Tapco SKS Magazines

Looking for a high quality magazine for your SKS? Look no farther than Tapco.

If you are going to trick out your SKS, you might as well use a good, high capacity mag for it. You’ll not only want it to be big enough to hold an adequate number of rounds, it also needs to be durable and reliable. Fortunately, Tapco offers all of this and more!

Tapco designed their SKS Detachable Magazines with serious shooters in mind. The
mag body, made of high strength composite, has horizontal grooves cut into it
for an enhanced gripping surface. They also used the highest quality interior
components and incorporated a metal floorplate so you can expect maximum
strength from this magazine. That, plus the fact that this mag is made in the
U.S.A. so it counts for three compliance parts, you could say Tapco really
thought of everything.

Tapco Featured Product – AR15 Carry Handle Mount

Tapco AR15 Carry Handle Mount

A lot of people prefer a carry handle on their AR15. And I understand, that version reminds me more of the military M16 I saw while growing up. It is also quite functional, as I am sure the original designers had in mind. However, it can be challenging to mount a scope or other optic when you have a carry handle. Not any more…

Tapco has an AR15 Carry Handle mount that fits in the carry handle and provides a picatinny rail for your optic of choice. Plus, you will still be able to use the fixed sights on your AR15. And maybe best of all, is the very low price.

Tapco Featured Product – AR15 Riser Mount

Tapco AR15 Riser Mount

Sometimes you need to give your AR15 optics a little ‘lift.’ Everyone peeks down their rifle stock differently, and it helps to have the option of a higher scope.

Compact Reflex sights are usually the perfect candidate. Their compact size is a big plus, but it can make finding the dot difficult. Especially when doing it in a ‘heads-up’ mode.

An AR15 Riser mount can also help by getting your scope over the front sights, thus preventing the front sight from interfering with the scope or other optic.

Tapco Featured Product – Single Point Sling Adapter

Tapco Single Point Sling Adapter

A single point sling is one of the most popular methods for tactical slings and the most effective way to attach it is to use a single point sling adapter. Simply replace the original locking plate on your AR15 with the Tapco adapter and you will be ready to go. (If you need a wrench, the Tapco AR15 Tool is a fantastic, low-cost tool perfect for the job)

Tapco Featured Product – AR15 Handguard

Tapco Intrafuse

We are celebrating Tapco Month here at Gun Gear USA and to help you get to know Tapco, we are showcasing one Tapco product every day. Remember, all Tapco Products are 10% off in September, every Tapco order gets free Tapco pens and stickers, and a Tapco order over $99 gets a free Tapco t-shirt! Just use promo code ‘tap12' when checking out.

Tapco Intrafuse AR15 Handguard

Tapco Products Sale!

Tapco Products Month

We announced last time we are having a sale on all Tapco Intrafuse products. Plus, every order gets free Tapco gifts and a Tapco order over $99 gets you a free T-shirt. In case you were not aware, the Tapco t-shirts are unbelievable!

Here is the deal…

Tapco Month – Tapco Products 10% off and FREE Tapco gifts!

Tapco Intrafuse Products Month

We are celebrating September in style with all Tapco products on sale and giving away Tapco gifts with EVERY Tapco order! See below on how to get a free Tapco t-shirt.

Saving on Tapco Products is easy. Tapco month starts September 1 and ends September 30.

Celebrate with us…

1. Shop for Tapco Intrafuse Products –

2. Get 10% off all Tapco Products by using promo code ‘tap12' when checking out.

3. Get free Tapco gifts in every order.

4. Get a free Tapco shirt with every order over $99!

AR15 Evolution – Pistol Grip

AR15 Evolution

This story started with a bare AR15 and over a series of a few weeks, we have a pretty good-looking AR15! So far, we have added an AR15 Handguard (Quad Rail), a scope (NcStar Tactical 3 Rail scope), then a Green Laser Sight (NcStar), and last time a Tactical Flashlight. Today, we are going to switch out the Pistol Grip.

AR15 Evolution – Tactical Flashlight

AR15 Evolution

We have looked at taking a stock AR15 and adding some of the most popular AR15 accessories to it, one at a time (AR15 Evolution story). We started with the one of the best foundational pieces, the AR15 Handguard (Quad Rail). Then, we put a scope (NcStar Tactical 3 Rail scope) and last time we added a Green Laser Sight (NcStar).

AR15 Tactical Flashlight

Today, we are going to add a tactical flashlight.

Magpul PMAG Sale – Reminder

Magpul PMAG Sale – August Special Offer

Don’t forget! As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we have a very special offer on Magpul PMAG 30 round AR15 mags.

Magpul PMAG Sale

For a limited time, we are giving you a FREE Magpul PMAG when you buy 6. That’s right, Buy 6 Magpul PMAG’s and Get ONE FREE!

AR15 Evolution – Laser Sights

How to transform your AR15 – one part at a time

(This is a series about taking an AR15 from stock to customized with accessories, one AR15 accessory at a time. We started with a discussion of AR15 Accessories and the plan, then the AR15 Quad Rail, and last time we covered AR15 Scopes.)

We have been looking at a 10-step AR15 Transformation, all with affordable, but quality AR15 accessories. Today, we are going to look at the AR15 Laser sights, more specifically the one we chose to put on our AR15.

AR15 Laser Sights

Laser sights have become very popular. Fortunately, they have also become affordable.

AR-15 Evolution – Scopes

How to transform your AR15 – one part at a time

(This is a series about taking an AR15 from stock to customized with accessories, one AR15 accessory at a time. We started with a discussion of AR15 Accessories and the plan, then last time we covered the AR15 Quad Rail.)

Today we are going to look at the scope we picked out for our AR15 Before and After story. We decided to mount the NcStar 3 Rail Sighting System. This NcStar scope was selected for 3 reasons...

AR15 Evolution

How to transform your AR15 – one part at a time

As we started to discuss last time, we are going to take you through a total transformation of an AR15. All the way from plain jane to fully accessorized. Today, we are going to start with one of the most basic, but potentially one of the most important, replacements you can make…the AR15 Handguard.

Magpul PMAG Special Offer

How about a great deal on a great AR15 magazine?

Gun Gear USA is offering a special buy on the top-selling Magpul PMAG. Buy 6 Magpul PMAG’s and Get ONE FREE! This is for the 30-round, no window in the following colors – Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage and OD Green.

You can visit Gun Gear USA and see all the great Magpul products, too.

To get the Magpul PMAG special offer, simply enter promo code “pmag6? when checking out.

Magpul PMAG Sale ends soon!

Gun Gear USA’s Magpul Month is coming to an end very soon. Hurry and get these deals before July 31.

AR15 Evolution – A Before & After Story

AR15 – a 10-Step Transformation

Everyone likes a good story and everyone enjoys a good ending. We have both for you in this true story of an AR15 that started out very plain and basic, but transformed into a beautiful work of Art. Best of all, it did not cost a fortune.

What is the Magpul MOE System?

Magpul MOE Parts

Get to know Magpul MOE for AR15's (save 10% and get a FREE Magpul poster during Magpul month in July!)

You have likely heard of Magpul‘s newest AR15 Accessory product line called MOE. Maybe you have even wondered what is it and how is it different. Today, we will look at the Magpul MOE lne a little closer and hopefully answer all of your questions.

Magpul PMAG Sale!

Magpul PMAG Deals

Do you need to stock up on some Magpul PMAG’s? July is the time at Gun Gear USA. Magpul PMAG’s are on sale and every Magpul order gets a FREE Magpul poster. See Magpul Month promotion details HERE.

How to Get a Magpul poster FREE

Would you like to save money on Magpul products AND get a Magpul poster? It is real easy to do all month long in July at Gun Gear USA.

We first told you about the Magpul promotion HERE, then looked at Magpul AR15 stocks HERE and Magpul grips HERE. Today, we will look at the Magpul MBUS sights.

Magpul Deals in July!

July is Magpul month at Gun Gear USA - Free Magpul poster and 10% off every Magpul order. See more info HERE.

Magpul Promotion at Gun Gear USA

July is Magpul Month

Come celebrate the month of July with us at Gun Gear USA and save some money on Magpul products, AND receive a FREE Magpul poster with every Magpul order! Details are HERE. The savings start July 1!

July is Magpul Month!

Magpul Month at Gun Gear USA

We are celebrating July by having some great deals and give-aways for all Magpul orders. It is really simple and easy to celebrate with us. This is all you have to do -

1. Shop for Mapgul products at Gun Gear USA – Magpul Products

2. Enter Promo code “Mag12? for 10% off (beginning July 1) when checking out

3. Receive a FREE Magpul Poster with every order! (July 1- July 31)

Magpul Products are on sale and a Magpul poster is included with every Magpul order!

New Products at Gun Gear USA

Are you able to keep up with all of the great shooting accessories that are constantly being introduced? Have you seen some of the awesome new items now available? Would you like to a better way to keep up with the new products? You are in luck!

AR15 Scopes

Scopes and other Optics for the AR15

One of the most popular accessories for AR15's is a scope or other optic. It gets a little more complicated from that point. I believe there are more opinions (and bad advice) on this one particular item than anything else.


Conceal Carry Products

Top Conceal Carry Products

Are you new to Conceal Carry? Or just looking for some items to assist in Conceal Carry? You came to the right place then!


New Products at Gun Gear USA!

Gun Gear USA – New Products

We always strive to make sure we have the newest, most innovative product available to you. It is a constant challenge, but we know it is what you want. One way to keep you updated is to send a summary of the latest products now in our store.


Tapco Products

Tapco Intrafuse – Tactical Weapons Gear

Looking for high quality and innovative AR15 , SKS, AK47 and Shotgun Accessories? Check out the product offering from Tapco. (You can see our Tapco Product offering HERE)


Top 10 AR15 Accessory’s – Part II

Last time we started looking at the Top AR15 Accessories and reviewed the 5 most popular. (In case you missed it, you can see part I of the Top AR15 Accessory’s HERE) Today, we will finish up and look at the other 5.


Top 10 AR15 Accessory’s

The Most Popular AR15 Accessory’s

Between our webstore, doing gun shows and working with our local customers, we help a lot of people get their brand new AR15 accessorized. It is what we love to do. AR15's are meant to be modular and adding, changing, and modifying the gear on it is a lot of fun. So, we thought we would put together a Top Accessory list for a new, basic AR15. These are some of the first and most popular accessories and gear we see added to most new Ar15's.


Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Holster options for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Have you seen the Smith & Wesson Shield yet? It is a really nice gun. It is somewhere between a pocket pistol (like the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard) and a full size (like the Smith & Wesson M&P series).


NRA Show – St Louis

We just returned from the NRA show in St Louis and had an absolute awesome time. I honestly think it may have been the funnest thing I have ever done. We found LOTS of new items, more on that later.


VLTOR AR15 Stocks

VLTOR AR15 Stocks

Gun Gear USA has added VLTOR AR15 stocks to our store. VLTOR is one of the leading AR15 stocks available and we are delighted to offer them to our customers.


AR15 Stocks

AR15 Stock – time for a change?

An easy way to radically change your AR15 is to replace the stock. A more difficult choice is to pick one from the huge variety available today!

You need to first step back and think about what you want…you will want to consider the following.


Fenix Flashlight – TK15

Fenix Flashlight – TK15 337 Lumens

We get even brighter this time. We looked at the Fenix PD32 last time and showed you a super compact light that produces a staggering 315 Lumens. Now ,we step it up…


Fenix Flashlights – PD32

Fenix PD32 Flashlight 315 Lumens – High Intensity Light in a compact size

As I mentioned previously, we are very excited to add the Fenix Flashlight product line. They have outstanding flashlights and I am really, really impressed with their products.

I want to highlight a few over the next few days that I have had the opportunity to handle and test. The first is the Fenix PD32 – an amazing light in a very compact size. (You can see the entire Fenix Flashlight line HERE)


Fenix Flashlights

Gun Gear USA welcomes Fenix Flashlight -

We are very excited to add the Fenix Flashlight product line to our line-up. I actually saw Fenix flashlights in a retail store and was so impressed I contacted them that night.


Command Arms Accessories (contd.)

Command Arms AccessoriesFolding Vertical Grips

We previously looked at two fixed vertical grips from Command Arms – the EVG and MVG. Today, let’s look at a couple of folding vertical grips.


Conceal Carry Holsters and Accessories

Conceal Carry Holster and Accessories

I wanted to let you know about a resource we have added to our site that has lots of information, including fit charts, products and accessories specifically for some of the most popular Conceal Carry pistols. You can find it here – Carry Holster chart.html


Gun Mats – New Models

Gun Cleaning Mats – Brand New Models now available!

There are now new models of the popular Gun Cleaning Mats. All of the Gun Cleaning Mats can be found here –

Here are the new models (you can click on the mat name to be taken directly to the product page with more information) now available on

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  
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