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Gun Gear USA is an authorized dealer for Fobus Holsters and are proud to offer the entire line of Fobus.


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Fobus Holster for Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35


Fobus GL2


 Fobus GL2 Features;

  • Low profile design for concealment.
  • Passive retention around trigger guard Allows for rapid presentation, yet securely locks handgun in place.
  • Easy and fast reholstering
  • Comfortable for all day concealed carry

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Fobus Holsters were developed in Israel for the world’s military and special services. After years of development and innovation, Fobus Holsters are more popular than ever. And Why not?


  1. Faster Draw then Leather - the Fobus holster uses a passive retention system where the pistol’s trigger guard is the only point of contact.
  2. Maintenance-Free - Fobus’ polyer material stands up to harsh elemements and can be cleaned with just soap and water.
  3. Lifetime Warranty - Fobus stands behind their holsters and offers a 100% “no questions asked” warranty.
  4. Comfort - Fobus holsters weigh approximately 2 ounces and offer the most comfortable paddle on the market.
  5. Lots of Fits - Fobus currently has more models that fit a variety of guns than any other polymer holster company.
  6. Designed for Concealment - Fobus holsters ride high and offer a low-profile.


Fobus Holsters are made from injection molded polymer and are rugged and reliable. They are also very affordable. Since they are made to fit like a glove, it is important to find the holster model designed for your gun.


If you are looking for the correct holster for your gun, use the Fobus Fit Chart. Questions? Contact us for any help you need.





Holster Types


Fobus offers a wide variety of holster styles. Please review the information below for additional detail on the types available.


Standard Holster - the standard Fobus Holster is available in both Belt and Paddle version.

            Belt - the belt model accommodates a 1 ¾: belt.

            Paddle - the paddle style holsters have a rubberized, contoured paddle for easy     carry with any attire. A Paddle style holster is very easy to use.


Roto-Holster - the Fobus Roto-Holster offers a full 360 degrees of rotation, offering 40 different positions. The Roto-Holster design gives you full control over the angle you want your pistol to be.

            The Roto-Holster is also offered in both Belt and Paddle versions.


The Evolution series is Fobus’ latest advancement. The new Roto-Holster has a tension adjustment screw that allows you to adjust the retention of the holster. Want the gun to be retained tightly? Simply adjust the tension screw. Want the gun to release easier from the holster? Do the same thing, just adjust the tension screw.

            The Evoltion is offered in the following models -






Thumb Lever Holsters are perfect for combining Level 2 Protection but allowing quick access, too! The Thumb Lever design allows easy and quick release because it places the release in a position that utilizes your  natural draw. Your thumb will naturally depress the lever while you are drawing the pistol.


            Fobus Thumb Lever Holsters are available in both Roto-Belt and Roto-Paddle.


Compact Holster from Fobus are ultra lightweight and very concealable. Weiging only 1.8 oz, the Compact Holster is the choice for comfortable carry.

            Fobus Compact Holsters are currently available in right-hand paddle models.


Vario Belt Holsters is a unique system from fobus that allows it to fit 1” to 2 ¼” belt widths. Adjustment is quick and easy with no need for tools.


Thumb Break Holsters from Fobus have two points of retention - the Fobus design that grabs the pistol trigger guard AND a thumb break strap.


            Thumb Break Holsters are available in both Belt and Paddle.


Fobus Ankle Holsters are designed for comfortable carry. They are very lightweight and have a ¾” thick suede lined Cordura pad.


Tactical Holsters are for pistols with lights or laser devices mounted on the accessory rail under the barrel.  


            Tactical Holsters are offered in Belt, Paddle, Roto-Belt and Roto-Paddle.


Fobus Accessories


In addition to Holsters, Fobus also has pouches designed for a variety of items.


            Handgun & Magazine Pouch - available in belt or paddle.


            Magazine Pouch - available in belt or paddle.


            Flashlight and Magazine Pouch - available in single or double mag, and in belt or          







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