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AR15 Accessories

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 The AR15 has become the most popular recreational rifle available to the general public today. And why is a great, extremely reliable rifle that shoots an affordable, light-recoil round. But, the best part is the abundance of accessories available for the AR15. There has never been more high quality and affordable AR15 accessories than there is right now. And it is not slowing down.

One drawback to this situation is that it can be confusing, and even overwhelming. Gun Gear USA offers this page dedicated to information and resources for the AR15 and AR15 Accessories. Below you will find AR15 Accessories broken down and segmented by the following categories - AR15 Buttstocks and Stock Accessories, AR15 Scopes, AR15 Handguards and Rails, AR15 Slings, AR15 Sights, AR15 Cases, AR15 Grips, AR15 Mounts, AR15 Magazines, AR15 Bipods and AR15 Tools and Accessories. Included in those groups will be some information on the accessory and then links to those products in our store.

Our goal is to provide information to educate and inform you on your products so you can make a well-informed purchase. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have that are not answered here.

Magpul AR15 Accessory Starter Kits

Looking for an easy and cost-effective way to take your stock AR15 to an whole new level? Look at our Magpul Starter kits. We offer several starter accessory kits that take the confusion out of sorting through the thousands of options. We have taken the most popular combinations of AR15 accessories and configurations and bundled them into easy-to-order kits. Oh yeah, we also discounted them for you!

Go HERE to see all of the AR15 accessory kits we offer.

AR15 Buttstocks and Stock Accessories  (Gun Gear USA AR15 Stocks and Stock Accessories selection HERE)

Whether you would like to replace your factory AR15 stock with a collapsible version, one with waterproof storage and a side Picatinny rail for adding accessories, or maybe a Sniper style stock for precision shooting, this is an easy modification that can improve your AR15 quickly.

Gun Gear USA carries a wide variety of some of the best AR15 stocks available. We stock products from Magpul, Command Arms, Tapco and Mission First. Please use the links below to view the AR15 stocks in our store. If you have any questions or need anything, do not hesitate to contact us.

Plan on replacing your AR15 Stock, but not sure what you want to replace it with? Consider the Top 5 factors when choosing an AR15 stock -

1. Design - simple and lightweight? Or something robust to be used to store items?

For simple and light weight design, please look at these two AR15 stocks: Magpul MOE stock      Magpul CTR stock

If you prefer a stock that provides a more robust platform and even gives you storage space for batteries, etc., you might consider one of the following AR15 stocks: Command Arms CBS     Mission First Battlelink Utility Stock      VLTOR EMod Enhanced ModStock

2. Buffer Tube Assembly - already have one or need one? A buffer tube assembly will allow you to convert from using a fixed style stock to a collapsible stock on your AR15. Most AR15 stocks will give you a choice of purchasing the stock with or without the tube assembly. For example, we have the CAA CBS (without buffer tube assembly) or the CAA CBST (with buffer tube assembly).  

3. Additional Accessories - do you anticipate adding accessories to your AR15 stock, such as a cheek riser, buttpad or sling mount? If so, you will need to choose an AR15 stock that gives you that option.

4. Mil-Spec or Commercial version? AR1 stocks come in two "sizes", if you will, Mil-Spec and Commercial. The difference is the size of the buffer tube and the thread pattern. *Note - there are some AR15 stocks that will fot both, but it will be noted in the description.

5. Fixed Position or Collapsible style? While most prefer the collapsible AR15 stock, there are some that want the fixed position. Your choice will depend on the application. Most precision, long-range shooters like the fixed position style. Although there have been some major advancements made for using a multiple position stock for precision shooting - Command Arms Sniper Stock.


AR15 Stocks by Manufacturer -

Command Arms



Mission First




AR15 Scopes (Gun Gear USA AR15 Scope selection HERE)

AR15 owners have a lot of choices today when it comes to scopes, sights and optics. The main challenge is narrowing  it down to one! Gun Gear USA offers everything from the extremely popular Nikon M 223 series of AR scopes to Red Dot Reflex sights, and everything in between. You will find scopes from Nikon, EoTech, Truglo, NcStar and more. We also offer Trijicon, Zeiss, and Aimpoint. Please contact us to find out more about these brands.

Listed below are links straight to the product pages of these great AR15 scopes







AR15 Handguards/Rails (Gun Gear USA AR15 Handguards & Rails selection HERE)

A new Handguard or Quad Rail for your AR15 can expand the options for AR15 accessories tremendously! Most factory handguards are easily removed and a new quadrail can be installed just as easily. Now, you have 4 picatinny/weaver accessory rails to add laser sights, flashlights, vertical grips, slings and more. We offer the leading brands for AR15 Handguards and Quad Rails here


Command Arms


Mission First



AR15 Slings (Gun Gear USA AR15 Slings selection HERE)

 Slings offer both a practical and tactical application. Choices include a Single Point Sling and the traditional 2 Point Sling. Don't forget your sling swivels or single point sling attachment (if needed).





AR15 Sights (Gun Gear USA AR15 Sights selection HERE)

Traditional AR15 sights are very popular, and sometimes required in competition shooting. You can select fixed style, or you may prefer the flip-up style that folds easily out of the way.

Command Arms



 AR15 Cases (Gun Gear USA AR15 Cases selection HERE)

Storing, carrying and transporting your AR15 is very important. Some special application style gun cases are Drag Bags, Case/Shooter's Mat, Double Rifle cases and Scabards. You should consider the following when choosing your AR15 rifle case - rifle length, rifle scope (this will require a taller case), color, and optional accessories utilizing the PALS or Molle Gear system. You can find them all here.



 AR15 Grips (Gun Gear USA AR15 Grips selection HERE)

 Choosing a grip, whether a Pistol Grip or Vertical foregrip, is very important and very personal. We offer several styles, including a Mag Well style, Short Vertical Foregrips, Multiple Position and Folding style, and even Grips that also hold a light. Carefully consider your application and prefernces when choosing an AR15 grip.

AR15 Grips - Blackhawk, Hogue, Tapco, Command Arms and Tapco

AR15 Mounts (Gun Gear USA AR15 Mounts selection HERE)

There have been several new styles of mounts introduced recently. These new mounts will allow you to do some really creative things with your AR15. The 45 degree offset mounts offer you a quick and easy way to, let's say, switch between your AR15 scope mounted on top to a Reflex Sight mounted on the side of your Quad Rail.


 AR15 Magazines (Gun Gear USA AR15 Magazines selection HERE)

Don't forget the most critical link between ammunition and the rifle - the mag. You will want to choose one that is durable, reliable and proven. That's why we offer the Magpul PMag. You wont find the cheap, tin $5 mags here...only the best.

Magpul PMag

AR15 Bipods

Bipods are an awesome addition for bench shooting. Consider whether you want a compact or full length version, and how you want to mount it (sling swivel stud, barrel or rail).

AR15 Bipods


AR15 Tools/Accessories (Gun Gear USA AR15 Tools and Accessories HERE)

You will want to keep your AR15 in tip-top shape. We offer a broad range of AR15 Tools and Accessories to help you stay on top of your projects.

AR15 Gun Cleaning Mats

Otis AR15 Cleaning Kits

AR15 Laser Boresighter


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